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Lawyer caught after eight years on the run, charged with CBT
18 May 2020
MCO: Jailed single mum decries double standard in sentencing of Zahid's daughter, son-in-law
6 May 2020
Single mum gets 30-day sentence for MCO violation commuted to RM1,000 fine
29 Apr 2020
Finding love again
13 Feb 2020
Single mother charged with murder of two-year-old daughter
22 Jan 2020
OKUs, single mothers, orang asli receive aid to run business from home
29 Oct 2019
Pastor Rajan takes in the destitute
12 Jul 2019
Community kitchen helps single mothers kill two birds with one stone
25 May 2019
Dog abuser fined RM4,000
3 May 2019
CNY flower market empowers single mothers
3 Feb 2019
Salvadoran facing deportation finds refuge at Maryland church
5 Jan 2019
Golden Hearts Award 2018: Suri Inspirasi
13 Dec 2018
Golden Hearts Award 2018: UmieAktif
7 Dec 2018
Star Golden Hearts: Media play a role in promoting goodwill and kindness
29 Nov 2018
Syariah court sentences single mother to 6 months and 6 strokes for prostitution
27 Sep 2018
While others pray, she steals
22 Nov 2017
''Monster mum' to spend 75 years in jail for prostituting underaged daughters
13 Nov 2017
Housewives and single mothers hooked on glue sniffing
9 Aug 2017
Heroes Among Us - Serving the elderly with Azizah
22 Mar 2017
FCX: Single Mum With Stage 4 Breast Cancer Faces The Inevitable
30 Nov 2016