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EP4 | Retirement Planning & Savings with PRS: How to Select PRS Funds?

Published on 17 Sep 2020 4:20:07 PM

You would probably have the idea of approximately how much you need to save for your retirement after watching Lyn and Raj use the PPA retirement calculator in Episode 3.

If you’re now considering saving additionally in PRS to supplement your retirement savings, you might wonder which PRS fund to choose.

As a well-structured and regulated scheme designed to make saving for retirement easy for you, consider the Default Option which puts your savings on the Automatic Glide Path. This unique feature of PRS manages your funds based on your age group.

Or if you prefer, you can also perform self-selection from a total of 57 funds offered by the eight PRS Providers. There is further flexibility for you to switch or transfer funds that will help you meet your retirement savings goal.

Tune in to Episode 4 to learn about fund selection and more.