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Home Ministry announces another amnesty programme for illegals
18 Jul 2019
Foreign students lament harsh treatment
13 Jul 2019
Detention of undocumented kids: Govt looking into it, says Muhyiddin
4 Jul 2019
Wang Kelian RCI: VAT69 found 14 trafficking camps while searching for illegal immigrants
25 Apr 2019
Temporary settlements set up at Thai-Malaysian border to station illegals, RCI heard
22 Apr 2019
Crossroads: One Two Jaga wins best film award at FFM30
31 Mar 2019
Keeping close watch on ‘laluan tikus’
2 Mar 2019
34 Rohingya refugees including children found stranded on Perlis beach
1 Mar 2019
Deported parents refusing reunification over dangers
9 Sep 2018
Authorities arrest more than 500 illegal immigrants
1 Sep 2018
Immigration set to crack down hard on illegals, human traffickers
30 Aug 2018
Fifty illegal immigrants rounded up in KL
16 Aug 2018
Bangladeshi workers cry foul after being duped by rehiring agent
12 Aug 2018
A “liberated”national day celebration
29 Jul 2018
Hundreds of immigrant families still separated
27 Jul 2018
Surrender by Aug 30 or risk arrest, employers and illegal immigrants told
24 Jul 2018
All migrant kids under 5 to be back with parents by Thursday - U.S. official
12 Jul 2018
France offers citizenship to Malian immigrant who rescued a child
29 May 2018
Malian hero to receive French citizenship
28 May 2018
Malian hero scales Paris building to save child
28 May 2018
Peru discovers 19th century mummies belonging to Chinese immigrants
2 Feb 2018
Trump: "I am not a racist'
15 Jan 2018
Trump questions taking immigrants from 'shithole' countries
12 Jan 2018
Man charged in deadly NYC truck attack pleads not guilty
29 Nov 2017
Hungarians take walking tours to overcome fear of Muslims
7 Nov 2017
Death penalty for man charged with New York attack, says Trump
2 Nov 2017
One dead, several wounded in Nashville church shooting
25 Sep 2017
Anti-immigrant MP Pauline Hanson wears burqa in Aussie Senate
17 Aug 2017
Popular Thai novel now available in Chinese language
1 May 2017
Campaigning against the abuse of man’s best friend
24 Mar 2017