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Dr M: Unprecedented and beginning of a new era
16 Jul 2019
Lumut villagers claim poultry farms contaminating oil palm plantation water supply
30 Jun 2019
Angry reaction over brutal, merciless act
8 Mar 2019
Dr M: There was no need to send warships during the Johor MB maritime visit
19 Jan 2019
China court sentences Canadian to death; Trudeau blasts move
15 Jan 2019
Mixed reaction to restaurant smoking ban
3 Jan 2019
US troop withdrawal from Syria surprises analysts, officials
20 Dec 2018
Umno-PAS merger? - Mixed reactions from MPs
19 Nov 2018
Azmin: 11th Malaysia Plan is not over ambitious
19 Oct 2018
Najib’s reaction during mid-term review speech draw attention from MPs; mixed reactions from netizens
19 Oct 2018
PH reflects on historic win in Malaysian polls
10 May 2018
GE14: Malaysians share what it's like to vote for the first time
9 May 2018
Opposition MPs react to passing of redelineation motion
28 Mar 2018
Mixed reactions over Saudi Arabia’s plan to hike local petrol prices
1 Jan 2018
Italian grandma hilariously learns how to use Google Home device
29 Dec 2017
Moderation through acceptance and understanding
13 Nov 2017
Paradise Papers: Apple reacts to media reports
8 Nov 2017
Budget 2018: Reactions from lawmakers
27 Oct 2017
Tun M did not react when told of RM30bil forex losses
30 Aug 2017
Liow on reactions to “Citizens”
29 Aug 2017
Mixed reaction on military-themed soap opera
11 Jul 2017
FCX: Team Couch Potato vs Gunung Datuk – The Surprise!
9 Sep 2015