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Guan Eng: Supply shocks affected Q1 GDP
17 May 2019
Private investment slowed to 0.4% in 1Q19
16 May 2019
BNM announces six measures to address concerns of FTSE Russell
16 May 2019
BNM: Economy expands by 4.5% in 1Q19
16 May 2019
BNM: FDI improves to RM21.7bil in 1Q19
16 May 2019
Dr M: Not enough women in Cabinet but more now in top posts
9 May 2019
SRC trial: BNM did not want to ‘tip off’ Najib about transactions from his accounts
8 May 2019
Cancer patients should be covered for cosmetic surgery
14 Feb 2019
Economy grows at 4.7% in Q4 of 2018, above forecast
14 Feb 2019
Rehda: More incentives to buy property soon
29 Jan 2019
Guan Eng: No ECRL statement for time being
29 Jan 2019
Rehda: Rumahku Portal fund to boost home ownership
29 Jan 2019
BNM: US-China trade war could reduce Malaysia’s exports
16 Nov 2018
BNM: RM cushioned by institutional investors
16 Nov 2018
BNM: Economy expands at 4.4% in Q3
16 Nov 2018
BNM: M’sia supported by sound economic fundamentals
16 Nov 2018
Tun M on suspension of BNM officials & CPTPP
31 Oct 2018
Tun M: 'Somebody' in Bank Negara knows about the land deal
31 Oct 2018
Banks to report cash transactions above RM25k
30 Oct 2018
Nasir replaces Nazir Razak as CIMB group chairman
20 Oct 2018
Tun Siti Hasmah remembers Tun Ali: “My brother was stern but affectionate, I miss him.”
8 Oct 2018
1MDB was fined RM15m, reveals Bank Negara Governor
17 Aug 2018
1MDB was fined RM15m, reveals Bank Negara Governor
17 Aug 2018
Bank Negara: Economy on steady growth path
17 Aug 2018
Bank Negara Governor: Nobody wins in a trade war
17 Aug 2018
Free meds for people with cancer and rare disorders not halted by PASc review
16 Aug 2018
Zeti refutes Najib, says she had no knowledge of RM2.6bil deposit
3 Jul 2018
Lim: I would believe Zeti over Najib
3 Jul 2018
Dr Zeti back in the limelight after her PNB appointment
29 Jun 2018
Zeti: An excellent decision to appoint Nur Shamsiah
22 Jun 2018
Tun M announces parliament dates and Raya incentive
6 Jun 2018
Q&A: Tun M on gas pipeline scandal, Petronas, parliament and Cabinet
6 Jun 2018
Bank Negara had recommended govt put up public tender over land sale, says Muhammad
6 Jun 2018
Zeti refuses to comment on Muhammad’s resignation
6 Jun 2018
Malaysia discussing exit terms of Bank Negara governor
5 Jun 2018
Bank Negara has been objective in 1MDB probe
18 May 2018
Zeti: Announcement on toll charges possibly next week
17 May 2018
Zeti: Ringgit will perform better when confidence is restored
15 May 2018
Zeti says no turning back on GST abolishment
15 May 2018
Reports lodged over prepaid payment scam
20 Apr 2018
Set a minimum wage, urges Santiago
4 Apr 2018
BNM: Cheap foreign labour suppresses wages
28 Mar 2018
BNM: Malaysia’s economy well-positioned in 2018
28 Mar 2018
BNM: Time for structural reforms
28 Mar 2018
Merchants still imposing surcharge for card purchase
22 Mar 2018
Ex-PAS man Mahfuz joins Amanah
15 Mar 2018
Spotlight: Malaysia’s market outlook for 2018
20 Dec 2017
Forex RCI just a political game, says Tun M
5 Dec 2017
IGP: CBT probe into Bank Negara forex losses could be lengthy
3 Dec 2017
Special police team set up to probe forex losses
1 Dec 2017
Cargo train derails causing delays and cancellations
23 Nov 2017
Uighur escapees still at large, says DPM
22 Nov 2017
Malaysia's economy grows 6.2%
17 Nov 2017
Serial kicker jailed for 12 months
10 Nov 2017
King gets RCI report on forex losses today
13 Oct 2017
RCI concludes probe into BNM forex scandal
19 Sep 2017
Tun M: RCI's sole aim is to make me look bad
18 Sep 2017
Tun Daim says BNM kept him in the dark on forex issue
18 Sep 2017
Nor Mohamed failed to give accurate report on forex losses, Anwar tells RCI
8 Sep 2017
RCI: Tun M comes to Anwar's defence in forex losses report
7 Sep 2017
Tun M appears at BNM forex RCI as Anwar testifies
7 Sep 2017
Anwar turns up at BNM forex losses RCI
7 Sep 2017
Nor Mohamed, Zeti take witness stand in RCI proceedings
6 Sep 2017
Anwar to testify at BNM forex losses RCI tomorrow
6 Sep 2017
Tun M did not react when told of RM30bil forex losses
30 Aug 2017
RCI chairman asked to retract remarks on forex losses amount
29 Aug 2017
Tun M: I know quite a lot on Forex loss
24 Aug 2017
RCI: Bank Negara suffered RM31.5bil forex losses
21 Aug 2017
Forex losses: Tun M loses bid to remove two RCI members
17 Aug 2017
RCI on Bank Negara's forex losses begins
8 Aug 2017
Aberdeen fairly cautious on Malaysian equities
30 Nov 2016
BNM to conclude the Concept Paper for fintech
21 Sep 2016
BNM: Financial inclusion agenda important
21 Sep 2016
BNM: Sufficient controls and rules in place
12 Aug 2016
Governor Ibrahim stays mum on CIMB
12 Aug 2016
BNM: No further 1MDB investigations
12 Aug 2016
BNM: Banks' board composition important
12 Aug 2016
Muhammad: 1MDB investigation closed
13 May 2016
Bank Negara: Better 2H16 economic performance
13 May 2016
Ringgit will reflect long-term fundamentals
13 May 2016
Khairussaleh: Prudent lending measures to be maintained
12 May 2016
KWAP: The government is making the right decisions
4 May 2016
Zeti: Islamic financing vital in infrastructure projects
30 Mar 2016
Poser over Zeti's successor
25 Mar 2016
Zeti: Our powers are derived from respect and trust of the people
23 Mar 2016
Zeti: My deputy governors have high capabilities
23 Mar 2016
Zeti: Next governor must have extensive knowledge
23 Mar 2016
Zeti: Economy going through adjustment period
11 Mar 2016