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Malaysia spent RM2.8 trillion for national immunisation programmes since 1957
27 Apr 2021
Biden lays out next phase of U.S. Covid-19 fight
12 Mar 2021
Compromises being made to pass $1.9 trillion Covid-19 bill in US
6 Mar 2021
Kedah gives approval to local company to extract rare earth elements
3 Dec 2020
US sues Google, says breakup may be needed
21 Oct 2020
US budget deficit hits US$3.1 trillion
17 Oct 2020
Finance Ministry: Malaysia's actual debt is RM823bil, not RM1.2 trillion
12 Aug 2020
Govt not bankrupt, debt currently stands at RM1.2 trillion, says Finance Minister
6 Aug 2020
Global economy output slashed by US$8.5 trillion from Covid-19
17 May 2020
This is not 'Christmas' as US congress passes US$3 trillion relief bill for Covid-19
16 May 2020
Fu: Belt and Road Initiative offers US$4-5 trillion in business opportunities
8 Jul 2019
Parliament in uproar as Najib, Guan Eng trade barbs
26 Mar 2019
Dr M urges civil servants to be patient in facing rising cost of living
25 Mar 2019
Guan Eng: National debt still above RM1tril
22 Feb 2019
Crouching tiger to leap again, vouches Finance Minister on M'sia economy
9 Oct 2018
BNM: Prudent measures by Govt
17 Aug 2018
Lim Guan Eng: Give us time to fulfill our promises
19 Jun 2018
Spotlight: Addressing Malaysia’s debt dilemma
9 Jun 2018
The “spade spooking” saga continues
25 May 2018
Guan Eng confirms national debt more than RM1 trillion
22 May 2018
Guan Eng confirms national debt more than RM1 trillion
22 May 2018
PM: National debt now more than RM1 trillion
21 May 2018
Opposition's proposals will see national debt hitting RM1 trillion, says PM
19 Apr 2018
Najib: M’sia will decline into debt with Pakatan’s manifesto
13 Mar 2018
China's mobile payment market continues to boom in 2017
9 Oct 2017
Cheah on China's capital controls
25 Mar 2017
Why does Singapore have an external debt of $2.5 trillion
19 Jan 2017
US$2.5 trillion losses from corrosion
16 Aug 2016