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6.1 magnitude quake shakes Jakarta
23 Jan 2018
‘Tudung’ slapper arrested
22 Jan 2018
CCTV footage emerges of floor collapse at Indonesia Stock Exchange
15 Jan 2018
Indonesian startup goes eco-friendly with edible cup
15 Jan 2018
All ready for school – but it’s a no-go
12 Jan 2018
Sekinchan fisherman to be freed from Indonesia's prison on Jan 11
7 Jan 2018
Interview with Indonesian singer Maudy Ayunda
30 Dec 2017
Malaysian among three nabbed in Bali for drugs
19 Dec 2017
Foreign couple in death of Dutch model nabbed for drug violations
18 Dec 2017
Manhunt ongoing in Bali for American inmate
12 Dec 2017
Ex-banker in Hong Kong double murder appeals sentence
12 Dec 2017
Umno AGM: Hisham praises Najib's leadership
9 Dec 2017
Asean Scoop: Indonesian director touches on polygamy on film
1 Dec 2017
Doctor tells court: Jong-nam's underwear soiled, pupils contracted
27 Nov 2017
Snake on a train: man grabs and kills snake on Jakarta train
24 Nov 2017
Widow finding it difficult to cope after double tragedy
21 Nov 2017
Police bust international drug syndicate, seize RM2.06mil worth of drugs
16 Nov 2017
Kim Jong Nam's trial: Court told of blood samples taken from Siti Aisyah and Doan
14 Nov 2017
Five Indonesian nationals killed in Sungai Petani fire
7 Nov 2017
Jong-nam murder trial: Case can still carry on even with four others at large
25 Oct 2017
Chiang Rai's Mae Fah Luang University is a preferred higher learning institution for Indonesian students
23 Oct 2017
Jong-nam murder trial: Victim may not have died from VX poisoning, says lawyer
2 Oct 2017
Zinc roof of low-cost flat block blown off by strong winds
2 Oct 2017
Jong-nam murder trial: Women on trial plead not guilty
2 Oct 2017
For some Indonesians, relationship with loved one doesn't end at the grave
29 Sep 2017
Vietnamese workers save Indonesian woman from burning shophouse
12 Sep 2017
Housewife fails to strike out conviction for abusing Indonesian maid
30 Aug 2017
19 Indonesian women nabbed
27 Aug 2017
Malaysian and Indonesian fans warned to behave
26 Aug 2017
KL SEA Games: Let bygones be bygones
25 Aug 2017
Hard to achieve two-gold target from badminton, says BAM technical director
24 Aug 2017
Malaysia apologises to Indonesia over 'upside-down' flag
20 Aug 2017
Top Thai and Indonesian action stars in latest flick
31 Jul 2017
Ramadan Recipe - Hotel Santika Premiere Slipi Jakarta's Gurame goreng sambal matah
8 Jun 2017
Malaysian and Indonesian fighters among those killed in the battle of Marawi
26 May 2017
Indonesian designer Oscar Lawalata seeks support for batik artisans
11 May 2017
Python swallows man
31 Mar 2017
Bandung mayor under fire for unfavourable remarks over Thai actress
15 Mar 2017
Pertamina to build 108 mini gas stations throughout Indonesia
23 Jan 2017
T. Kardin Indonesian knives
22 Dec 2016
Sailing Ahead - Strategic sealift vessel (SSV) warship
3 Nov 2016
Listening to customers via Twitter - Holycow Steakhouse by Chef Afit
31 Oct 2016
Sex and drugs "Gatot-style"
26 Oct 2016
From sex to murder: The dark face of Indonesian cults
25 Oct 2016
Indonesia's aviation industry sets to soar with production of the N-219 light transport aircraft
7 Sep 2016
Indonesia's Pindad industries hopes to make a mark in the light armoured vehicles market for the region's military forces
6 Sep 2016
Indonesian-made assault rifle gave an impressive performance during military exercise in the US
5 Sep 2016
CIMB bullish on Indonesia
29 Aug 2016
Indonesia makes arrests linked to alleged Singapore attack
5 Aug 2016
Indonesia executes foreign drug traffickers
1 Aug 2016
The death of Santoso, terrorist hunt continues
25 Jul 2016
Indonesian toilet cafe serves up stomach-churning food
25 Jul 2016
The perfect cup part one: Yoseph the farmer
14 Jul 2016
The perfect cup part two: Adi the Q-grader
14 Jul 2016
Six Strings - The Magnificent Guitar Heroes
5 Jul 2016
Ramadan recipes: Bubur Sumsum
1 Jul 2016
Ramadan recipes: Singkong Thailand
30 Jun 2016
Ramadan recipes: Bakmi Godok
30 Jun 2016
Yogyakarta act Shaggydog rocks the SXSW festival
29 Jun 2016
Ramadan recipes: Bakwan Udang
29 Jun 2016
Ramadan recipes: Es Buah
29 Jun 2016
Ramadan recipes: Soto Ayam
28 Jun 2016
Ramadan recipes: Beef Rawon
28 Jun 2016
Jakarta's Bendungan Hilir food market
27 Jun 2016
Jakarta MRT: Tunneling beneath the world's busiest city
27 Jun 2016
Indonesian Olympic lifters say Ramadan no heavy weight
23 Jun 2016
Officials: At least 43 dead in Indonesian floods, landslides
21 Jun 2016
Migrants stranded in Indonesia hope to reach Australia
20 Jun 2016
Free fuel for those who read the Koran
17 Jun 2016
Humble tofu powering Indonesian homes with clean energy
18 May 2016
Disaster tourism: bitter lifeline for mud volcano survivors
18 May 2016
RHB Cap looks to regional M&As
12 May 2016
Indonesian 'zoo of death' loses another animal
12 May 2016
Indonesia to close all red light districts by 2019
28 Feb 2016