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Rat droppings, flies infest 'foo chuk' factory
27 Oct 2021
Palm-sized robot pets from Dongguan, China bring joy and fun to users
8 Oct 2021
Thai sniffer dogs make Covid-19 detection debut
21 May 2021
Russians compete in dancing with their dogs
6 May 2021
K-9 unit in Langkawi to help police in fight against crime
4 Apr 2021
Dead kitten, flies greet health inspectors at illegal foo chuk factory
18 Feb 2021
Pak Mie animal shelter set to move to temporary place on MBAS land
12 Feb 2021
MMA champ washes cars to KO hunger among strays
10 Feb 2021
Chinese care for pet dogs as much as you do
3 Feb 2021
Animal rescuer will wake up from surgery to eviction notice
29 Jan 2021
Selangor Ruler, Tengku Permaisuri direct people to be compassionate to strays
23 Jan 2021
Animal advocacy group offers RM2k reward for info on man who shot stray dogs
26 Nov 2020
54 dogs dead, many more missing from flooded shelter in Seremban
4 Nov 2020
Maqis foils attempt to smuggle 23 dogs into the country
18 Sep 2020
Two tracker dogs had picked up Nora Anne's scent, inquest told
15 Sep 2020
Woman fined RM30,000 for animal cruelty that resulted in death of a dog
7 Sep 2020
The Jakarta Post | Indonesian animal lover rescues more than 1,000 dogs from butchers
17 Jul 2020
Ismail Sabri tells “elite group” to stop insulting medic frontliners
10 Apr 2020
Christmas party with the dogs
22 Dec 2019
Cute or cruel? 'Panda dog' cafe in China faces backlash
25 Oct 2019
Man charged with negligence after his pit bull mauled girl
2 Oct 2019
Find Nora: Family of missing Irish teen say they 'must remain hopeful'
8 Aug 2019
Find Nora: Search for Irish girl focuses on river
7 Aug 2019
MACC chief calls on private companies to have own integrity officers as watchdogs
6 Aug 2019
Dog abuser fined RM4,000
3 May 2019
Bomb-sniffing dogs for hire
28 Apr 2019
Being an underdog may be my advantage, says PSM candidate
20 Feb 2019
Philippine journalist released on bail after arrest causes outcry
14 Feb 2019
Couple give their all to helping cats and dogs in need
4 Feb 2019
Seremban council hopes animal pound will be the answer for stray dog issue
7 Jan 2019
Keep it clean, electoral watchdogs warn Cameron Highlands candidates
6 Jan 2019
Police K-9 unit gets more bite with 75 new dogs
27 Nov 2018
Ramkarpal: Who will watch the watchdogs?
25 Jul 2018
Dogs and cats rescued after trapped inside home for two months
2 Apr 2018
Animal lovers unhappy with Penang city council’s mishandling of dogs
2 Mar 2018
Desert running for a good cause
21 Feb 2018
Dogs rescued from poor conditions
20 Feb 2018
Dr Subra: Assume all dogs in Sarawak exposed to rabies
12 Feb 2018
Artist creates "world's smallest dog" sculpture
12 Feb 2018
Rabies vaccination for all dogs throughout Sarawak
3 Feb 2018
Do you know ... which houseplants are dangerous for dogs and cats?
17 Jan 2018
“Dog Parker”
13 Dec 2017
Furry, four-legged heroes
4 Nov 2017
Peru hosts canine Halloween costume contest
30 Oct 2017
Shelters for displaced animals
4 Sep 2017
K-9 security pioneer still training dogs
24 Aug 2017
A dog's best friend
17 Aug 2017
Chon Buri's stray dogs saviour
27 Jul 2017
Tourist mauled by stray dogs
24 Jul 2017
Kitty sad over the loss of her furry friend
14 Jul 2017
Stray dogs have a splashing good time during floods
26 May 2017
Netizens express mixed reviews over jellies resembling dogs
18 May 2017
French bulldog's dancing tricks a bit hit on the Thai social media scene
2 May 2017
Campaigning against the abuse of man’s best friend
24 Mar 2017
Heroes Among Us: Aesthetic doctor's mission to save street dogs
21 Feb 2017
Dogs are pets, not food - Part 3
2 Jan 2017
Dogs are pets, not food - Part 1
26 Dec 2016
Sick boy's wish to pat dogs comes true
19 Sep 2016