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Govt to organise Covid-19 awareness campaign
1 Jul 2020
Environment ministry will see if Penang govt can fulfil EIA requirements for PSR project
27 Jun 2020
Treetop student Veveonah keeps her feet on the ground
18 Jun 2020
Ismail Sabri lodges police, MCMC reports over fake news
13 Jun 2020
Food packs with love from Parents with autistic children to HKL frontliners
7 Jun 2020
Determined father with autistic son on a mission to provide jobs for autistic youth
6 Jun 2020
‘Stay home’ message is trending
18 Mar 2020
Chong: MCA did not discuss Cabinet posts, wants new government to correct policies
5 Mar 2020
Foundation encourages women to screen themselves
17 Feb 2020
Govt showed passiveness in tackling face masks issue, says MCA
5 Feb 2020
Minister: We need more cancer experts
4 Feb 2020
Looi’s love for marine life is greater than the ocean
22 Dec 2019
Breaking communication barriers with the public
22 Dec 2019
Cancer awareness: Early detection can be a lifesaver
17 Oct 2019
Golden Hearts Award 2019: Finding light with Dialogue in the Dark
1 Oct 2019
Suhakam's sermons used by three state religious depts
12 Sep 2019
Wee: Right methods needed to teach kids about politics
18 Jul 2019
Wan Azizah: Baby dumping cases need to be tackled urgently
28 Jun 2019
Govt launches sexual awareness videos aimed at teaching children about safe, unsafe touches
24 Jun 2019
Traders still reluctant to display price of items
19 Jun 2019
A day in the life of a child with autism
23 Apr 2019
Autism stories: A parent's tale
8 Apr 2019
Khairy and Nori open up about their autistic child
5 Apr 2019
Hannah Yeoh hopes ministries will collaborate to provide autism support
2 Apr 2019
Teen with autism: Wan Jamila’s artistic journey
1 Apr 2019
Malaysian youths join global movement against climate change
15 Mar 2019
Star Health Expo 2019 kicks off in Penang
15 Mar 2019
Autism is Awesome: Sunway Putra Mall becomes Malaysia’s first autism-friendly mall
26 Feb 2019
PJ wellness programme targets Tmn Medan flat dwellers
12 Jan 2019
Ipoh factory fire: Perak exco reminds parents to monitor their children
12 Dec 2018
Victim blaming, family shaming among reasons for unreported sexual grooming cases
25 Nov 2018
Wan Azizah: Reproductive and social health programmes in schools to be enhanced
22 Nov 2018
Yeoh wants to raise awareness to curb exploitation of minors online
28 Oct 2018
Concern of river pollution grows due to rapid development
14 Oct 2018
Do you know...it's World Heart Day?
27 Sep 2018
Do you know ... what AwAS is?
13 Sep 2018
DPM: Measures put in place not to silence critics but for awareness
17 Apr 2018
Cities in Malaysia go dark as Earth Hour kicks off
25 Mar 2018
PM launches National Human Rights Action Plan
1 Mar 2018
#WilayahSenyum campaign at Muzium Negara
1 Feb 2018
'Invisible' modern slavery
6 Jan 2018
Sunway The Good Run 2017
8 Nov 2017
PM highlights Msia's success in raising awareness on Rohingya issue
30 Oct 2017
Colourful turnout for Batik Fun Walk 2017
8 Oct 2017
Phang Nga organizes Car Free Day
26 Sep 2017
Passengers enjoy Japan’s first cat cafe on a moving train
10 Sep 2017
Shining the spotlight on real estate industry
9 Aug 2017
Puppets portray the war on drugs in Manila schools
30 Aug 2016
Elephants used to promote Thailand’s referendum
2 Aug 2016
FCX: Fear, Stigma, Denial vs HIV/AIDS Awareness In Malaysia
21 Dec 2015