China Daily | Saving Dolphin Chess

Published on 8 Jun 2023 8:00:14 PM

An incredible journey of survival and unity, the life-changing story of a stranded dolphin in Hainan Island, China.

In April 2022, a tourist discovered a distressed dolphin washed up on the shores of Qizi Bay. The creature was in immediate danger, with an inflamed wound, dehydration, and suspected internal injuries. Attended by a team of dedicated marine conservationists, animal experts, and local citizens, a whole community rally together in a fight to keep the dolphin alive.

Once stabilised there begins a new journey over the following months to nurse the dolphin back to health and start out on an intense training programme to prepare for its eventual return to the wild. The story leads to a poignant moment when Chess, named after the place of his rescue, returns to his ocean home after almost a year of recovery.

The video highlights the challenges of marine animal rescues and the necessary efforts to conserve our oceans' wildlife serving as a compelling call to action to respect and protect these majestic creatures and their habitats.