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Four charged with murder of transgender woman
24 Dec 2018
First transgender contestant 'makes history' in Miss Universe
15 Dec 2018
Zahid blames LGBT for Palu quake-tsunami
23 Oct 2018
Treat everyone equally, we are all Malaysians
7 Oct 2018
Dr M: M'sia does not accept LGBT culture, same-sex marriage
21 Sep 2018
Hindu transgenders cite religious rights in asking for gender change on IC
25 Aug 2018
Five friends claim trial to attack on transgender woman
24 Aug 2018
No need for special policies for LGBT community
13 Aug 2018
Fuziah explains Mujahid's statement on transgenders using public toilets
13 Aug 2018
Minister acknowledges transgender’s right to use public toilets, activist calls it a ‘progress’
11 Aug 2018
Dr Mujahid: Stop discriminating transgenders, portrait removal issue 'over'
11 Aug 2018
Sg Kandis polls: Xavier unearths Lokman’s stint in PKR
27 Jul 2018
Govt open to LGBT community, not to homosexual activities
23 Jul 2018
Enforcement officer Google searched which provision of law to arrest Siti Kasim
30 May 2018
ASEAN Scoop: Vietnamese transgender calls world to be more open minded
16 Mar 2018
Big is beautiful
10 Jan 2018
First Thai trans boxer to join match in France
3 Jan 2018
Zahid on LGBT in security forces: A line needs to be drawn
24 Oct 2017
Playboy's first transgender 'playmate' hopes to 'pave way for all women'
20 Oct 2017
Going under the knife to imitate her idol
2 Oct 2017
Social media transgender personality wins Miss Tiffany 2017 pageant
28 Aug 2017
Transgender candidate poised to make history in Philippines
9 May 2016
The fairest of them all shines at Nakhon Phanom's transgender beauty pageant
25 Feb 2016