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Dismissed employee kills five co-workers in Illinois factory shooting
16 Feb 2019
Three killed, four wounded in California bowling alley shooting
5 Jan 2019
Gunman kills at least two in Strasbourg
12 Dec 2018
Police shoot dead five of six robbers in Kuchai Lama heist
20 Nov 2018
Shooting at Chicago hospital leaves at least 4 dead
20 Nov 2018
Gunshots heard as patron films gunman shooting inside California bar
9 Nov 2018
Suspect identified in California shooting that killed 12
9 Nov 2018
Crime files in USA for the week (Oct 29-Nov 4)
4 Nov 2018
At least 11 killed in Pittsburgh synagogue shooting
28 Oct 2018
Gym owner and assistant shot in a killing attempt at Kota Kemuning
23 Oct 2018
Deadly shooting spree hits South Carolina police
4 Oct 2018
Shooting club shut down due to lax security even after student suicide
25 Sep 2018
At least 24 killed in attack on Iran military parade
22 Sep 2018
Woman shot after husband rams police car at road block
19 Sep 2018
Dallas officer charged with shooting death of neighbor
10 Sep 2018
Live stream captures moments of Florida video game shooting
27 Aug 2018
Nashville cops on a manhunt for ‘cold-blooded killers’
20 Aug 2018
Florida airport shooter gets life in prison
18 Aug 2018
Ten hospitalised following Manchester shooting
12 Aug 2018
Police charge man in Canada shooting
12 Aug 2018
Police dispel rumours of shooting at PJ mall
9 Aug 2018
Toronto police name shooting suspect; family says he was ill
24 Jul 2018
Police to search Maryland newspaper shooting suspect's home
29 Jun 2018
Depressed student kills himself with stolen pistol
27 Jun 2018
Man guns down his friend before killing himself in Sitiawan
2 Jun 2018
Shooting in Penang and a man hit by multiple gunshots
26 May 2018
Gunman at Oklahoma restaurant shot dead by bystander
25 May 2018
Hawaii's Kilauea volcano shoots lava into the ocean
23 May 2018
One robbery suspect shot, three arrested after pursuit in Banting
23 May 2018
Governor: Teen gunman who killed 10 at Texas school planned suicide
19 May 2018
Atria mall heist: Cops hunting down two more suspects
18 May 2018
Pakistan's interior minister wounded in gun attack, out of danger
7 May 2018
Danish national first to be sentenced under Anti-Fake News Act
30 Apr 2018
Cops release photofit of slain Palestinian lecturer's alleged assassins
23 Apr 2018
Police hunt for gunman who killed four at Nashville Waffle House
23 Apr 2018
IGP denies cops slow to respond to Palestinian shooting
22 Apr 2018
Palestine embassy working to repatriate slain victim's body
22 Apr 2018
Man drives van into restaurant in Germany, killing two plus himself
8 Apr 2018
More protests over killing of black man in California
1 Apr 2018
Huge rallies led by students demand tighter US gun controls
25 Mar 2018
MH17 crash: Ukraine pilot blamed by Russia dies in suspected suicide
20 Mar 2018
Texas teachers take up arms training
12 Mar 2018
Cops close to identifying suspects in Serdang shooting
8 Mar 2018
Nikolas Cruz indicted on 17 counts of murder in Florida school shooting
8 Mar 2018
Serdang school shooting spat among Gang 08 members
4 Mar 2018
Man dead after shooting himself near White House
4 Mar 2018
Trial begins for widow of Orlando nightclub gunman
2 Mar 2018
Man gunned down at Serdang school bus stop
1 Mar 2018
Georgia teacher arrested after firing gunshot alone in school classroom
1 Mar 2018
Oprah praises Florida high school survivors
27 Feb 2018
Trump says arming teachers could prevent school massacres
22 Feb 2018
Trump vows action on gun background checks
22 Feb 2018
US gun owners take to social media to destroy their guns
21 Feb 2018
Protests against gun violence in US schools
20 Feb 2018
Perak police cripple Geng 04 and detain 36 suspects
19 Feb 2018
"The adults have let us down": Florida students demand stricter gun laws
19 Feb 2018
Trump visits Florida hospital to pay respects after school shooting
17 Feb 2018
Outrage, tears at vigil for Florida shooting victims
16 Feb 2018
Florida governor calls school shooting 'pure evil'
15 Feb 2018
At least 17 dead in Florida high school shooting
15 Feb 2018
New shooting range opens near Pattaya
2 Feb 2018
Man shoots trio at Kuching restaurant over girlfriend
28 Jan 2018
Colorado police shooting suspect in custody, two others sought
26 Jan 2018
Two killed, 19 injured in Kentucky school shooting
24 Jan 2018
Police shoot dead two wanted criminals
15 Jan 2018
U.N. decries Israel's killing of Gaza amputee
20 Dec 2017
Police shoot knife-wielding man at Amsterdam airport shopping area
16 Dec 2017
Bodyguard accused on shooting rampage trial to start next May
14 Dec 2017
Ex-South Carolina cop sentenced to 20 years for killing black man
8 Dec 2017
Chase, shots fired after suspect rams vehicle into patrol car
30 Nov 2017
Gunman kills four in California shooting spree
15 Nov 2017
Small Texas town mourns church massacre victims
7 Nov 2017
Gunman kills at least 26 worshippers at Texas church
6 Nov 2017
At least two dead in shooting inside Colorado Walmart
2 Nov 2017
Slain officer, student suspect identified in Texas Tech shooting
11 Oct 2017