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Chinese 'blind box' pet rescue sparks outrage
7 May 2021
Penang Port receives its first transhipment at NBCT
29 Apr 2021
Export-oriented tech and commodities firms to benefit in 2021
16 Feb 2021
Port Klang Authority: Vessel congestion due to delays at preceding ports
24 Dec 2020
Glovemaker denies its workers are living in shipping containers
22 Dec 2020
Kajang glovemaker suspended, workers found living in shipping containers
21 Dec 2020
Govt revises Covid-19 quarantine SOP for shipping crew
3 Oct 2020
Cabinet to decide on ECRL alignment, says transport minister
9 Jul 2020
Container congestion being reduced at three major ports
28 Mar 2020
Over RM9mil worth of restricted African timber seized by Customs
3 Mar 2020
Attorney General drops criminal proceedings against LTTE 12
21 Feb 2020
UK agrees to take back 42 containers of illegally imported plastic waste
25 Nov 2019
Philippines sends 69 containers of mislabelled waste back to Canada
31 May 2019
Govt exempts cabotage on foreign vessels for undersea cable maintenance
11 Apr 2019
Singapore Works: Maritime nation
22 Dec 2018
Japanese Princess Ayako gives up royal status to marry commoner
29 Oct 2018
U.S. bans American companies from selling to Chinese phone maker ZTE
17 Apr 2018
Living in pipes and boxes: Hong Kong's extreme housing
22 Dec 2017
Budget 2018: GST relief further expanded
27 Oct 2017
Move to ease transactions at ports
6 Sep 2017
Mysterious serpent-like track appears in temple
8 Dec 2016
MISC expects sustained petroleum-shipping business
19 Apr 2016