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Chinese scientists make breakthroughs in captive breeding of Malayan pangolins
7 May 2022
Research of Malaysia's Covid-19 vaccine in proof-of-concept stage, Dewan Rakyat told
13 Dec 2021
Drop in social assistance programmes
23 Sep 2021
Malaysia’s shot at the Covid-19 vaccine
3 Jul 2021
New padi varieties to boost rice yield in Malaysia
27 Feb 2021
IMR to study use of saliva and deep throat saliva to detect virus
6 Feb 2021
Ex-general manager of research institute remanded over bribes
14 Nov 2020
Epic Forest Skywalk offers visitors stunning views of Kuala Lumpur forest
15 Sep 2020
Australia scientists claim first re-creation of coronavirus outside China
29 Jan 2020
FRI’s new breeding technology expected to boost prawn production
22 Oct 2019
Jomo: More effective tax system needed to boost national income
25 Sep 2019
A senior citizen activity centre in each constituency, says DPM
23 Sep 2019
HBA proposes price control mechanism to curb rising property prices
25 Apr 2019
Wan Junaidi: New incentives for FRIM scientists being drafted
15 Mar 2018