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White roses season at Thai national park
7 May 2018
Pad Thai served for free in charity event
2 Mar 2018
Italian man sells Thai food
14 Feb 2018
Maple leaves start changing color
29 Dec 2017
Accommodation in popular northern Thai destination fully booked
29 Dec 2017
Park officials want no cars near Thailand's sakura trees
15 Dec 2017
Locals make use of land by growing sunflowers
13 Dec 2017
Sea of fog at mountaintop magnet to tourists
8 Dec 2017
Ex-communist guerillas reunite for ancestral worship ceremony in Phitsanulok
28 Nov 2017
Foreman invents all-terrain mower
23 Nov 2017
Vietnamese woman delivers her baby by the roadside in Phitsanulok
13 Nov 2017
Phitsanulok prepares for Loy Krathong festival
1 Nov 2017
Elephant rescued from canal
23 Oct 2017
Hmong homestay a hit among tourists in Phitsanulok
10 Oct 2017
Phitsanulok's new tourist destination
9 Oct 2017
Farmers supplement their income by selling dried-salted fish
3 Oct 2017
Phitsanulok's golden teak Buddha
2 Oct 2017
Innovative human-powered water pump
18 Sep 2017
Cancer treatment drug from mango extract
1 Sep 2017
Local expo highlights Northern Thailand's indigenous culture
25 Aug 2017
Smart post boxes installed in Phitsanulok to benefit tourists
24 Aug 2017
Biodegradable bowls for the King's funeral
23 Aug 2017
Phitsanulok promotes its flower fields as an eco-tourism destination
11 Aug 2017
Bakery doing brisk business with jasmine garland cakes for Mother's Day
10 Aug 2017
Local exhibition showcases hill tribe children's entrepreneurial skills
3 Aug 2017
Phitsanulok's tall spirit house is an attraction to visitors in the province
13 Jul 2017
Phistanulok's "Cannonball" trees are in full bloom
12 Jul 2017
Coconut ice cream with "all you can eat" toppings
26 Jun 2017
Fruiting tree offers rare treat to residents in Phitsanulok
23 Jun 2017
Phitsanulok's enterprising students
21 Jun 2017
A golden giveaway
13 Jun 2017
Villagers in Thailand’s countryside love their grilled fish
12 Jun 2017
Phitsanulok folk control mozzie population themselves
8 Jun 2017
Farmer earns handsome income selling organic string beans
6 Jun 2017
Farmers grow seedless grapes due to high demand
6 Jun 2017
Farmer sells pineapples online
2 Jun 2017
Thai farmers sell new durian breed
31 May 2017
An unusual hazing activity for Thai students
30 May 2017
Street food vendor finds her way into customer’s hearts
8 May 2017
Buddha statue worship ceremony held in Phitsanulok
28 Apr 2017
Giant lily pads ideal location for shutterbugs in Phitsanulok
27 Apr 2017
Hot weather eases the tasks of mango jam producers
25 Apr 2017
Dessert vendor stands out from the crowd with his ‘balancing act’
13 Apr 2017
Selected residents in Phitsanulok receives training as tour guides
6 Apr 2017
Thai families keep cool at Kwae Noi Dam
3 Apr 2017
Turning trash into cash
30 Mar 2017
Giving children a chance to shine
29 Mar 2017
Mangoes galore at fruit festival
28 Mar 2017
Mechanised rice plougher race a big hit in Phitsanulok
21 Mar 2017
Butterflies swarm Phitsanulok village
21 Mar 2017
A unique take on ant egg curry
15 Mar 2017
Students enjoy brisk business selling souvenirs
14 Mar 2017
Oil truck wreaks havoc
10 Mar 2017
Famous Buddhist temple creates a new shopping zone
10 Mar 2017
Phitsanulok's Kaeng Sopha waterfalls drying up due to drought
10 Mar 2017
Devotees gather ‘golden leaves’ from sacred tree
3 Mar 2017
School teaches students to make circuit breakers
2 Mar 2017
Broadening students’ horizons through exchange programmes
8 Dec 2016
Phitsanulok's "salted fish village" is known throughout Thailand for its quality cottage industry products
2 Dec 2016
Hmong farmers harvest bumper crop in Phitsanulok
25 Nov 2016
Farmers in Phitsanulok harvest large volumes of veggies
22 Nov 2016
Cycling event a boost for tourism in Phitsanulok
27 Sep 2016
Astronomers to determine origins of unusual rock
30 Jun 2016