Hot weather eases the tasks of mango jam producers

Published on 25 Apr 2017 3:53:11 PM

The sweltering heat can easily drive people mad.
However, the hot weather has been beneficial to vendors who produce mango jam as it has reduced the time needed to sun-dry the fruit.
One family in Phitsanulok, Thailand said the current heat has saved them a lot of time in drying the mangoes, which has to be dried thrice.
The family uses 500kgs of raw and ripe mangoes each day to make the jam for their customers.
These are sold in slices at a per kilogramme wholesale price of Bt40 to a buyer from a neighbouring province.
The family buys mangoes for Bt3.50 per kilogramme and pay their neighbours Bt20 per one basket of peeled mangoes.
The mangoes are boiled with sugar for approximately two hours before chunks of them are dried in the sun thrice.
These chunks of mango are then sliced thinly and delivered to their buyer who will steam the sliced mangoes, repackage them and sell them with a profit.