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Why is Al-Aqsa mosque so important in Islam?
7 Apr 2023
21 Palestinians killed in massive fire in Gaza building
18 Nov 2022
Clashes at Jerusalem holy site leave 152 injured
16 Apr 2022
Six Palestinians escape Shawshank Redemption-style from Israeli prison
7 Sep 2021
Selangor govt launches fundraising drive for Palestine targeting RM1mil donation
19 May 2021
King urges Malaysians to pray for Palestinians
16 May 2021
Palestinians celebrate Eid amid Israel-Gaza conflict
13 May 2021
Malaysia hopes Biden administration will rekindle Palestinian hope
9 Nov 2020
Dr M: Justice for Palestine can lead to fewer acts of terror
11 Nov 2019
Dr M: Malaysia's support for Palestine is not because they are Muslims, but because of injustice
26 Oct 2019
Dr M: Malaysia to open embassy accredited to Palestine
25 Oct 2019
Dr M: Enmity towards Muslims, Islam stems from creation of Israel
28 Sep 2019
Dr M: Local universities to offer scholarships to Palestinians in Malaysia
22 May 2019
Nearly 50 Palestinians wounded in Nakba anniversary protests
16 May 2019
Palestinians report Gaza truce with Israel
6 May 2019
MyCARE aims to raise RM3mil for Gaza end of 2019
10 Feb 2019
M’sia cannot host para swimming anymore
28 Jan 2019
Dr M warns Australian PM of 'terrorism' for proposal to recognise Jerusalem as Israeli capital
15 Nov 2018
Palestinians hold funeral for Gaza lecturer killed in Malaysia
27 Apr 2018
No Gaza inquiry, Israeli defense minister says
2 Apr 2018
Palestinian teen ordered held until end of Israeli military trial
18 Jan 2018
US will withdraw funding if Palestinians reject peace talks
3 Jan 2018
At least two dead in 'Day of Rage' over Jerusalem
9 Dec 2017
U.N. chief says no alternative to two state solution in Middle East
7 Dec 2017