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China celebrates farmers' harvest festival
25 Sep 2022
Farmers in Anhui celebrate tradition of ‘shaiqiu’
8 Sep 2022
Northwest China city diverts water from Yellow River to ease drought
30 Aug 2022
China's major rice-producing province vows to secure grain harvest against heatwaves
28 Aug 2022
Harvest season for popular hami melons in Xinjiang
23 Aug 2022
French farmer defies drought with sustainable crop
16 Aug 2022
Xinjiang farmers embrace peanut harvest season
13 Aug 2022
The Japan News | Rugby in paddy field
27 Jun 2022
Malaysian farmers fight to harvest amid labour crunch
13 Jun 2022
China's Guanzhong Plain embraces harvest season
30 May 2022
'We are going to die': Food shortages add to Sri Lanka's woes
20 May 2022
Farmers in Australia seek solutions to worker shortage and rising costs
9 May 2022
Carrots harvest season in Fujian, China
28 Mar 2022
Farming machines sow seeds of fortune in Tibet, China
17 Mar 2022
A farmer in India invents tree-climbing 'scooter'
8 Mar 2022
Pots full of sweet hope as Tamils celebrate Ponggal
14 Jan 2022
China-Asean partnership augurs well for Cambodian dried mango farmers
25 Nov 2021
Smart technologies help Xinjiang farmers embrace cotton harvest
31 Oct 2021
Xinjiang's fragrant pears usher in the harvest season
22 Sep 2021
Growth of ‘red seaweed’ in cockle farm a blessing in disguise
22 Sep 2021
Hong Kong sets up giant inflatable moon to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival
21 Sep 2021
Melon harvest begins in China’s Kuqa
13 Jul 2021
Argan oil enriches women in Morocco
16 Jun 2021
Vietnam News | Lychee farmers, traders vaccinated against Covid-19
6 Jun 2021
Flower farmers dump harvest every day due to lockdown
4 Jun 2021
Discovering Anhui: Spring tea harvest
1 Apr 2021
Stir-fried fish mint root with preserved pork in China’s Guizhou
27 Mar 2021
Farmlands become sanctuary to over 1,000 white cranes in China's Jiangxi
20 Jan 2021
59,000 hectares of jujubes enter harvest season in Xinjiang
17 Nov 2020
Rice harvest season in north China
23 Oct 2020
"Bamboo Bank"
23 Oct 2020
A Sea of Daylilies
11 Jul 2020
Devotees head to temples for Ponggal
15 Jan 2020
Dr. Mahathir extends Ponggal greetings, wishes prosperous year for all
14 Jan 2020
Nature lovers, conservationists concerned over pitcher plant lemang
2 Jun 2019
Penang's durian season set for May or June this year
30 Apr 2019
Decomposed body found in Pekan nothing to do with organ harvesting, say cops
11 Feb 2019
Ancestral prayers mark the start of Ponggal for Melaka’s Chetti community
15 Jan 2019
UK wine industry toasts bumper harvest
22 Aug 2018
Bumper harvest, so Karak orchard throws a durian party
17 Jul 2018
Century old temple abuzz with Ponggal festivity
14 Jan 2018
Nong Khai's street paved with rice after harvest season
17 Nov 2017
Couple earning big money harvesting bird's nest from their home
22 Aug 2017
It's frog season in Northern Thailand
23 May 2017
Earth star mushrooms are a delicacy during the wet season
18 May 2017
Bueng Kan villagers raking in cash on bumper mushroom harvest
3 Apr 2017
Rice farmers sell palmyra fruits as a side hustle
10 Feb 2017
Farmers go mice-hunting
1 Dec 2016
Hmong farmers harvest bumper crop in Phitsanulok
25 Nov 2016
Farmers in Phitsanulok harvest large volumes of veggies
22 Nov 2016
FGV expects better second-half
29 Aug 2016
Innovative tool to help Thai farmers harvest rice
4 Mar 2016