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Penang's factories fined and closed over hygiene woes
15 Jul 2020
Saad Ichalalene is NFDP’s new technical director
25 Nov 2019
SME forum: The Global Islamic Economy
21 Nov 2019
Govt launches “be-Halal” initiative to drive halal industry
6 Sep 2019
Mujahid on products for muslims: Benchmark should be if they are halal certified
6 Sep 2019
Anwar: 'Buy Muslim First' campaign unhealthy for Malaysia
3 Sep 2019
Saifuddin: No report on affected sales due to non-Muslim business boycott
2 Sep 2019
Malaysia mulls integrating halal industry, Islamic trade finance
3 Apr 2019
Lucky fans meet K-pop boy group NCT
12 Mar 2019
Mujahid: Tabung Haji depositors need not return 'hibah'
8 Jan 2019
Maszlee: Media should not highlight negative news from just one school
26 Nov 2018
Edi Rejang apologises to beer promoter, Malaysians
21 Nov 2018
FT Minister hopes for increased budget for Labuan
29 Oct 2018
Big demand for Noor Asmah’s mooncakes
4 Sep 2018
Halal hotel in Bangkok
6 Jul 2018
Kossan to secure Halal certification for second plant
22 May 2018
Sultan of Perak upbeat about world halal industry
5 Apr 2018
DPM: Malaysia top global player for halal sector, Islamic finance
4 Apr 2018
Zahid: Halal Malaysia Council to discuss 'Halaljaya' proposal next year
11 Sep 2017
Tak's bustling Ramadan bazaar
31 May 2017
The Halal Boys - A taste of yum
26 Oct 2016
Noodle soup served in a stream becomes a hit in Yala
13 Apr 2016