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Pegging the ringgit not in Malaysia's best interest: BNM Governor
13 May 2022
EP107: Testosterone mishap in women | PUTTING DR G ON THE SPOT
21 Feb 2022
EP106: Taming the tiger in bed | PUTTING DR G ON THE SPOT
13 Feb 2022
Selangor Sultan reminds state's assemblymen to help the people, avoid excessive politicking
23 Aug 2021
Ismail Sabri: 50K compound issued to burger seller was excessive
27 Apr 2021
Seventy-nine summonses issued in police ops against modified motor exhausts
8 Mar 2021
Former Perlis civil servant charged with failing to explain excessive money in bank account
8 Dec 2020
PAS MP chides Anwar: Politicking can also hinder economic growth
9 Nov 2020
IGP: Movement control order is not a curfew
17 Mar 2020
PM: Don’t worry, there is enough food for everyone
16 Mar 2020
PUTTING DR G ON THE SPOT: Episode 6 - Are you thinking about sex too much?
14 Mar 2020
A new, better me
15 Jan 2020
We will help save Michael Garing, says PM
20 Mar 2019
Liew: Govt can't interfere in court's decision over FB user's 10-year sentence
13 Mar 2019
Uncle Kentang wants to bring a breath of fresh air to the political scene
25 Feb 2019
Annuar Musa: Time for Opposition to support PM
29 Oct 2018
Cassava farmers suffer losses due to excessive rainfall
2 May 2018
Cut down on salt intake, says health minister
14 Mar 2018
Thailand's hairy teen has her hair shaved regularly
8 Jan 2018
DPM: Not listening to experts' advice can result in catastrophe
10 Nov 2017
Man returns excess cash withdrawn from ATM
31 Aug 2017
MACC: No probe on Zahid, Tun M's wealth
8 Aug 2017