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World Robot Conference 2022 highlighted
20 Aug 2022
Conjoined twins successfully separated in Brazil
3 Aug 2022
Transgender seeking justice over botched nose job
31 May 2022
Olympic silver medalist Azizulhasni has successful open-heart surgery
1 May 2022
KJ: Endocrine Institute latest Health Ministry facility at Putrajaya Hospital
22 Apr 2022
KJ congratulates parents, operations team for surgery success on conjoined twins
21 Mar 2022
China-aided hospital in Sri Lanka completes first organ transplant
19 Mar 2022
'Miracle’: Son hails pig-heart transplant for dad
14 Jan 2022
Co-pilot injured in Hawk crash undergoes successful surgery
18 Nov 2021
Covid-19: Penang Hospital to set up field hospital to cope with spike in cases, says KJ
11 Sep 2021
Smart technologies help with medical treatment in Lanzhou, China
9 Sep 2021
Singer Siti Sarah succumbs to Covid-19, her baby survives
9 Aug 2021
Takiyuddin underwent three-hour surgery due to heart problems, says report
2 Aug 2021
Najib back at 1MDB trial after eye surgery
27 May 2021
Najib still recovering after eye surgery, 1MDB trial vacated to May 27
25 May 2021
Three-year-old Baby Ainul healthy but may need surgery when she’s older
4 May 2021
From durian husks to bandages: Singapore’s NTU develops more solutions to reduce food waste
21 Apr 2021
Doctors perform open heart surgery as hospital burns
5 Apr 2021
Woods 'awake, responsive' after car wreck surgery
24 Feb 2021
Animal rescuer will wake up from surgery to eviction notice
29 Jan 2021
Gymnast Izzah Amzan on road to recovery
25 Jan 2021
Football legend Diego Maradona dies aged 60
26 Nov 2020
EP40: Worry not, testicular cancer can be cured | PUTTING DR G ON THE SPOT
7 Nov 2020
Maradona’s brain surgery went on very well, says physician
4 Nov 2020
Covid-19: New cases in Melaka not considered cluster yet, says Dr Noor Hisham
27 Aug 2020
China Daily | Man stands straight after surgeons fix his back
21 Jul 2020
Private hospitals can charge for PPE in patients' medical bills
12 Jun 2020
Dr Noor Hisham squeezes in operating time amidst DG duties, calls it refreshing
12 Jun 2020
Health DG: Covid-19 case in Likas hospital is an eight-month-old girl
8 Jun 2020
Health DG: Hospital KL can now resume most services, including elective surgery
6 May 2020
China sent team to give advice on Kim Jong Un’s health, say Reuters sources
25 Apr 2020
Chinese doctors deliver baby from mother suspected of having coronavirus
29 Jan 2020
Breast reconstruction for cancer warriors
7 Sep 2019
Little Ainul Mardhiah returns to Malaysia after operation to remove rare tumour
28 Jul 2019
Dr M wraps up UK trip with hospital visit to see baby Ainul
18 Jun 2019
Little Ainul Mardhiah successfully operated on in London
12 Jun 2019
Murray first hit on tennis court after surgery
3 Apr 2019
Despair turns to relief for mass shooting victim's family
15 Mar 2019
Cancer patients should be covered for cosmetic surgery
14 Feb 2019
Azmin back at work despite doctor's orders
9 Feb 2019
King visits Azmin in hospital
6 Feb 2019
Maradona admitted to Argentine hospital for scheduled surgery
13 Jan 2019
Little Yu Juan needs RM60k for surgery
23 Nov 2018
Get cataract surgery done right
22 Nov 2018
Elephant recovers after tusk surgery in Tbilisi zoo
6 Nov 2018
Off-duty nurse wins praises by accident
6 Nov 2018
11-year-old Sofia gets new heart and new famous friend
21 Sep 2018
Muhyiddin recovering well after surgery
26 Jul 2018
Muhyiddin: Thanks for all the prayers
15 Jul 2018
Anwar Ibrahim undergoes treatment in Turkey
8 Jul 2018
Alex Ferguson undergoes emergency surgery
6 May 2018
Girl's leg re-attached backwards after cancer surgery
27 Apr 2018
StarLIVE: Robotics technology for safer cataract surgery
15 Mar 2018
Wan Azizah: Anwar is a political prisoner
28 Nov 2017
Zahid visits Anwar in hospital a day after Najib
18 Nov 2017
Penang Governor's health improving
10 Nov 2017
Anwar to undergo surgery on right shoulder
7 Nov 2017
Woman's dreams of beauty unravel as 'gold' threads come loose
6 Oct 2017
Going under the knife to imitate her idol
2 Oct 2017
Deaf and blind ballerina fights to save her arms
13 Sep 2017
Coin-chomping turtle dies
22 Mar 2017