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The AI-powered bartender serving cocktails with a splash of ChatGPT
12 Jan 2024
China Daily | AI beats humans at go
22 Dec 2023
Robot artist Ai-Da sends Christmas greetings
22 Dec 2023
Shaanxi's World Robot Contest Trial highlights young talents of robotics
23 Oct 2023
Fahmi launches Malaysia's first 5G-powered AI warehouse powered by CELCOMDIGI and DHL supply chain
12 Oct 2023
Two-thirds of Malaysian workforce will use generative AI for up to 20% of their work, says report
15 Sep 2023
Could robots replace guide dogs for the blind?
1 Sep 2023
Rescue tech takes the spotlight in Beijing's robotic conference
26 Aug 2023
Chinese tech company launches AI-powered Go robot
17 Jun 2023
AI Van Gogh among tech on display in Paris
15 Jun 2023
Meet the robot that can do all your heavy lifting
15 Jun 2023
Shanghai offers 24-hour robotaxi service
16 Apr 2023
'Robot shark' eats plastic waste in River Thames
30 Mar 2023
Economic Impulses: Chinese robots go smarter and closer to life
15 Dec 2022
EP145: A robotic helping hand for prostate cancer | PUTTING DR G ON THE SPOT
13 Nov 2022
The Straits Times | Hail a driverless ride in Chongqing
3 Sep 2022
Intriguing robots at World Robot Conference 2022
22 Aug 2022
World Robot Conference 2022 highlighted
20 Aug 2022
New delivery modes make coffee drinking easier, more popular in Shanghai
19 Aug 2022
Annual World Robot Conference kicks off in Beijing
19 Aug 2022
When is a car not a car?
21 Jul 2022
Newly developed robots applied to preserve cultural relics in NW China
24 Jun 2022
Socso’s largest-ever Neuro-Robotics centre to be completed by 2024
11 Jun 2022
The Straits Times | Singapore's new generation of firefighting vehicles and robots from SCDF
11 Jun 2022
Singapore's robot workforce plugs labour gaps
31 May 2022
"Robot volunteer" aids Shanghai community's epidemic fight
5 May 2022
Japanese toymaker introduces mini lunar exploration robot
29 Apr 2022
Smart technologies aid Shanghai's fight against COVID-19 resurgence
6 Apr 2022
Wearable exoskeleton robot helps Beijing 2022 Paralympic torchbearer
8 Mar 2022
Chinese-owned company's warehouse in UK adopts auto sorting system for better service
13 Feb 2022
Stories behind: Robot chefs, bartender and Winter Olympics
1 Feb 2022
Robot builds house
24 Nov 2021
Palm-sized robot pets from Dongguan, China bring joy and fun to users
8 Oct 2021
The Straits Times | Labs ramp up operations to cope with surge in cases
26 Sep 2021
Tea ceremony robot becomes main attention in Smart China Expo
30 Aug 2021
Exclusive: Bellabot helps care for young patients
28 Aug 2021
Robot delivers food, "get well soon" messages to Indonesians in Covid-19 isolation
11 Aug 2021
AI canteen put into service in Shanghai
3 Aug 2021
Meet Grace, the robot spawned from the health crisis
10 Jun 2021
Cool gadgets at World Intelligence Congress in Tianjin
24 May 2021
Chinese robot band inspires remix of hi-tech and tradition
19 Apr 2021
Possible to have Ramadan bazaars this year, says Zuraida
16 Mar 2021
Phnom Penh Post | Serving coffee with a side of robots
26 Jan 2021
Sophia's creators plan an ‘army’ of robots in 2021
25 Jan 2021
Vlog: Self-driving taxis in Changsha
21 Dec 2020
The robot chefs at China Hi-Tech Fair
14 Nov 2020
Giant 18-metre tall Gundam robot comes to life in Japan
30 Sep 2020
Meet "AlphaDog", a robotic dog 
28 Sep 2020
Self-driving cars debut in Changsha
26 Sep 2020
China's Alibaba unveils autonomous logistics robot
19 Sep 2020
Automated drones check social distancing in Singapore
7 Aug 2020
Egyptian engineer invents robot for COVID-19 diagnosis, medical care
23 Jul 2020
Dancing robots replace fans at Japanese baseball game
9 Jul 2020
Self-driving taxis in use in China's Changsha
25 Apr 2020
Robot with coronavirus advice hits Times Square
11 Feb 2020
Robot helps ensure safe Spring Festival travel rush in China
18 Jan 2020
Kedah MB hopes KHTP expansion would see “exponential growth”
13 Jan 2020
Mat Sabu tells Muslim nations to embrace technological advancements
20 Dec 2019
Malaysian students emerge as champion of International Robot Contest 2019
13 Oct 2019
Meet Malaysia’s very own humanoid robot
10 Aug 2019
Press conference on announcement of third national car project
9 Aug 2019
Dr M meets Sophia the ‘social humanoid’ robot
17 Jul 2019
Humanoid prepares for her first solo art exhibition
7 Jun 2019
China enters 5G era
20 May 2019
Do you know...about the future of work?
30 Apr 2019
PM: new national car will boost auto industry
11 Apr 2019
Dr M: Don't try to pit govt against Royalty; you will fail
11 Apr 2019
Penang-born engineer helps to take robotic firm to top seven in the world
28 Feb 2019
EcoWorld to unveil Malaysia's first robot hotel
17 Feb 2019
Get cataract surgery done right
22 Nov 2018
Malaysia wins two gold at Korea’s robotics competition
15 Oct 2018
Arabic-speaking robot could replace teachers, says researcher
30 May 2018
StarLIVE: Robotics technology for safer cataract surgery
15 Mar 2018
When Chun Wai met Sophia the Robot
10 Feb 2018
Ipoh kopitiam draws customers with robot waitresses
5 Jan 2018
Meet Jackal
4 Jan 2018
Life Extraordinary: Saluting the outstanding people of 2017
30 Dec 2017
Robots serve customers at Indian restaurant
19 Dec 2017
Whiz kids make Malaysia proud by winning international robotics competition
26 Nov 2017
Sony unveils updated AIBO robot dog
2 Nov 2017
Robots for tough and dangerous jobs
7 Sep 2017
Need a hand? How about robot arms controlled with feet
8 Aug 2017
Chinese robots taken down after rogue outburst
7 Aug 2017
GDex: Robots cannot replace human touch
27 May 2017
Meet the Hougang robot cashier
4 Nov 2016