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Redelineating electoral boundaries is not off the table, says Johor MB in response to Undi18
2 Dec 2021
Wan Junaidi: Five more years before EC can carry out redelineation exercise
12 Oct 2021
Anwar: Justice transcends race
3 Jun 2018
Maria Chin: No safe seat in GE14
28 Apr 2018
Court quashes bid by Maria, 106 others, to challenge redelineation report
20 Apr 2018
Dr M: Pakatan to repeal controversial laws, including fake news act
3 Apr 2018
PKR hopes to discuss seat allocations with its Pakatan Harapan allies on April 2
31 Mar 2018
Chong: Show your report card
30 Mar 2018
Guan Eng claims EC leaves out Penang in redelineation exercise
30 Mar 2018
Cops show up at Bersih office over March 28 parliament protest
30 Mar 2018
King consents to redelineation
29 Mar 2018
April 11 decision on Selangor voters’ bid to stop redelineation exercise
29 Mar 2018
IGP: Organisers of anti-redelineation rally to be called up
29 Mar 2018
Parliamentary seats after redelineation
29 Mar 2018
Jamal Yunos justifies no-show by Red Shirts
28 Mar 2018
Opposition MPs react to passing of redelineation motion
28 Mar 2018
Redelineation protest: Bersih hands memorandum to Speaker’s rep
28 Mar 2018
Klang to become a Chinese-centered voting area, says MP
28 Mar 2018
Three elections on, time for redelineation, says PM
28 Mar 2018
Redelineation motion passed by Dewan Rakyat
28 Mar 2018
Redelineation report: Shouts of “S’gor’s water woes” and “back door MB” interrupt Azmin’s debate
28 Mar 2018
Redelineation protest: Bersih supporters march towards Parliament
28 Mar 2018
Redelineation protest: Bersih supporters, opposition leaders gather at Tugu Negara
28 Mar 2018
Pandikar: Tabling of EC report in Parliament is not subjudice
27 Mar 2018
Activist who leaked redelineation report will not be fined by Speaker
27 Mar 2018
Klang MP files injunction to stop tabling of redelineation report in Parliament
27 Mar 2018
Debating EC's redelineation report violates Constitution, claims Klang MP
26 Mar 2018
Embargo for a week? How do we get public feedback, ask MPs
22 Mar 2018
Opposition MPs welcome Speaker's ruling for them to bring redelineation report out of the house
22 Mar 2018
EC redelineation report to be tabled on March 28
22 Mar 2018
Election Commission once again defends redelineation exercise
21 Mar 2018
Election Commission once again defends redelineation exercise
21 Mar 2018
Redelineation: Over 10,000 Selangor voters file judicial review application
21 Mar 2018
More time needed to debate redelineation proposal, say MPs
19 Mar 2018
Azmin: We’ll decide on six remaining state seats later
17 Mar 2018
Selangor EC receives 200 protests over redelineation exercise
13 Feb 2018
Bersih calling for 100,000 objectors to impede Selangor redelineation
18 Jan 2018
EC: Just days needed to gazette new boundaries after royal assent
17 Jan 2018
Selangor govt application for injunction against EC inquiry dismissed
8 Jan 2018
MCA objects redelineation of PJ Utara seat
3 Jan 2018
Tun M: GE14 will be a partial show of an election
30 Dec 2017
MCA member objects two new proposed seats at S'gor EC inquiry
28 Dec 2017
Redelineation: Residents voice objections at EC hearing
27 Dec 2017
Court allows EC redelineation exercise to continue in Selangor
18 Dec 2017
Selangor govt fails in bid to challenge EC's redelineation exercise
7 Dec 2017
Selangor loses final bid for EC data
27 Sep 2017