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Customers flock to 50 sen nasi lemak stall in Penang
11 Jul 2019
Positive outlook for O&G sector with expected crude oil price rebound
18 Jun 2019
Special committee formed to monitor B20 biodiesel implementation
13 Jun 2019
Why a vanilla milkshake may cost more
3 Jun 2019
CPO price to trade between RM1900-RM2200 in Q2
29 May 2019
FGV focuses on downstream sector
29 May 2019
Festive season price control in order
29 May 2019
Saifuddin: Traders comply with ceiling prices
27 May 2019
HBA maintains that control of housing prices feasible
25 Apr 2019
HBA proposes price control mechanism to curb rising property prices
25 Apr 2019
Ismail Sabri not amused with Teresa Kok's palm oil quip
9 Apr 2019
China to inspect Malaysian durian facilities this month
3 Apr 2019
PM on Lynas decision, fuel prices and Salahuddin’s pol sec arrest
2 Apr 2019
Johor Sultan has plans for supermarket that offers goods at affordable prices
29 Mar 2019
Dr Mahathir: Singapore will lose if water issue goes to court
3 Mar 2019
More price controls, discount sales
15 Feb 2019
Enthusiasm for Valentine's Day boosts floral business
13 Feb 2019
Guan Eng: Higher 2018 tax collection not only due to higher oil price
22 Jan 2019
Increased prices, but Ponggal essentials still selling fast
10 Jan 2019
Fast food prices not controlled
7 Jan 2019
Dr M holds meeting with petrol dealers group
2 Jan 2019
PAS Youth holds rally to protest high cost of living
1 Jan 2019
Felda settlers demand Putrajaya set price floor for palm oil
11 Dec 2018
Are cartels colluding to fix higher prices for eggs, asks Saifuddin
10 Dec 2018
Corn may be answer to soaring poultry feed and egg prices
8 Dec 2018
Qatar to leave OPEC and focus on gas
3 Dec 2018
My main duty is to voice consumer complaints, says Gobind
21 Nov 2018
Finance Ministry: Houses up to 10% cheaper with SST exemption
30 Oct 2018
Umno Youth to monitor prices once SST takes effect
2 Aug 2018
MCA no. 2 on third national car project and SJKC relocation
30 Jul 2018
Wee: A new national car project will mean more protectionism and higher car prices
30 Jul 2018
Dr M: Allegations that the SST will increase prices not true
20 Jul 2018
Durian still a hit despite Thailand's dwindling season
5 Jul 2018
Broadband prices to drop 25% by year's end
20 Jun 2018
Durian's seeds yielding good prices in Thailand
14 Jun 2018
Provide measures to tackle rising prices of ‘ikan rakyat’
12 Jun 2018
MOF announces SST implementation, fuel prices and Bantuan Sara Hidup
1 Jun 2018
Mavcom reviewing passenger service charge for flights
28 May 2018
Museum to preserve fabric amulets
18 May 2018
Farmer enjoys stable soft shell crab prices
9 May 2018
Thailand farmers team up to grow organic vegetables
4 May 2018
Insects sold at high prices as delicacy
4 May 2018
Low income earners enjoy cheap food from carts
3 May 2018
Good news as prices of school uniform stay in Thailand
2 May 2018
Govt to provide assistance to keep prices low in KR1M 2.0 outlets
21 Mar 2018
Pilgrims fall victim to airline ticket scam
26 Feb 2018
Basil-fried dishes sell like hot cakes
22 Jan 2018
Prices of goods expected to go up in Thailand this year
8 Jan 2018
Mixed reactions over Saudi Arabia’s plan to hike local petrol prices
1 Jan 2018
Apple says sorry after outcry over slowed iPhones
29 Dec 2017
Living in pipes and boxes: Hong Kong's extreme housing
22 Dec 2017
Gold rush in northeastern Thailand ahead of New Year holiday
13 Dec 2017
Ticket prices for Thai Airways increase
11 Dec 2017
Opposition's promises detrimental to the economy, says PM
3 Dec 2017
Razak City Residences: City life at affordable prices
20 Nov 2017
Rafizi to Najib: Reduce fuel price by 20 sen and win GE14
9 Nov 2017
Budget 2018: Group protests fuel prices outside Parliament
27 Oct 2017
Parasites impact global salmon supply
20 Sep 2017
Tesco: Fair prices to our customers a priority
29 Apr 2017
Rabobank: CPO prices expected to decline in 2017
8 Mar 2017
Public disgruntled by high prices at hotel’s garage sale
1 Feb 2017
Thailand’s commerce ministry monitors the prices of black clothes
18 Oct 2016
FGV forecasts CPO at RM2,400 to RM2,600
29 Aug 2016
Q4 CPO prices at RM2550 to RM2700
23 Aug 2016
Petronas sticking to US$30 oil price
22 Aug 2016
Oil prices to trade from US$50 to US$70
16 Aug 2016
Permanis keep prices low
3 Aug 2016
Starbucks hikes prices
13 Jul 2016
CPO to hover around RM2,500 to RM2,700
25 May 2016
UMW O&G: Oil-price catalyst
18 May 2016
UMW O&G strives for cost-efficiency
17 May 2016
Maybank KE retaining RM at 3.90 to US dollar
18 Apr 2016
SapKen's long term outlook positive
13 Apr 2016
Glove producers profit affected by currency volatility
12 Apr 2016
Supermax: No price war
12 Apr 2016