Mydin launches 'Kasih Sayang Ibu dan Si Manja' campaign

Published on 29 Apr 2024 8:32:13 PM

Discounts, rebates and gifts worth up to RM800,000 will be on offer when purchasing children’s goods under the Domestic Trade and Cost of Living Ministry’s latest Ihsan Rahmah programme, says its minister Datuk Armizan Mohd Ali.

Dubbed the "Kasih Sayang Ibu dan Si Manja” campaign, Armizan said on Monday (April 29) that it is organised by Mydin Mohamed Holdings Bhd and involves a strategic partnership between the ministry and Mydin, and pointed out that the campaign did not involve any special government expenditure, and was private-driven.

Armizan added that the programme will see the sale of children’s products such as milk powder, pampers, clothes and more at affordable prices.