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Four in Muar electrocuted while hanging party flags
23 Apr 2018
Status quo for PPBM as political party 
23 Apr 2018
Young people work hard to help candidates win GE14
22 Apr 2018
Multi-cornered fight shaping up in Miri
19 Apr 2018
Hishammuddin: Nation’s allies are standing strong with us
18 Apr 2018
Snakey battle in Penang
9 Apr 2018
Make GE14 the cleanest, most peaceful, police told
7 Apr 2018
South Korea court hands 24-year jail term to ex-president Park, found guilty of bribery
6 Apr 2018
Data leak hit 87 million users, says Facebook
5 Apr 2018
“Lim Guan Eng, where are you?”, asks MCA Penang chief
31 Mar 2018
A monologue at Bagan - Dad and Son no show
30 Mar 2018
CM has been condemned over a parody of a children’s song
18 Mar 2018
Chew Mei Fun: Candidates chosen after thorough consideration
15 Mar 2018
Pakatan manifesto to include political funding laws
5 Mar 2018
Civil societies call for key institutional reforms
2 Mar 2018
Australia’s DPM to resign over sex scandal
23 Feb 2018
Police record Mahfuz Omar statement for allegedly Sultan Pahang's insult
18 Jan 2018
Tun M dismisses Politweet survey
16 Jan 2018
Tun M apologises for his wrong deeds
30 Dec 2017
Muhyiddin: I only need 20 Felda settlements
29 Dec 2017
Over 10,000 people expected in mass rally against US' Jerusalem move
20 Dec 2017
Zahid on Imams: I smelled something not pleasant
17 Dec 2017
EU resumes official contacts with Thai junta
12 Dec 2017
North Korea says UN envoy expressed willingness to ease tensions
9 Dec 2017
Xi Jinping's book a hit with participants in conference
9 Dec 2017
Umno AGM: Mahathir has crossed the line, says Najib
7 Dec 2017
Zahid: Ex-Umno leaders now ‘political shamans’ out to destroy party
6 Dec 2017
Forex RCI just a political game, says Tun M
5 Dec 2017
MACC: Probe into illegal sand mining not political
2 Dec 2017
Pakatan says RCI findings politically motivated, calls for debate on report
30 Nov 2017
Wan Azizah: Anwar is a political prisoner
28 Nov 2017
Sabah and Sarawak will remain in Malaysia, says Zahid
27 Nov 2017
Johor Sultan wants Malay leaders to engage in dialogue
22 Nov 2017
12 MPs join Rohingya aid mission to Bangladesh
22 Nov 2017
Pakatan Harapan leaders are political tourists, says Mah
12 Nov 2017
Latest JFK files include documents on Martin Luther King's extramarital affairs
7 Nov 2017
MCA Youth will continue to apply political pressure
4 Nov 2017
Budget 2018: Reactions from lawmakers
27 Oct 2017
Australia's political crisis: Deputy PM disqualified
27 Oct 2017
China enshrines 'Xi Jinping Thought' in constitution
25 Oct 2017
Billionaire Babis scores big Czech election win
23 Oct 2017
Khalid Ibrahim to campaign for PAS in coming general election
16 Oct 2017
Spaniards hold rallies amid rising independence tension
8 Oct 2017
Shafie: I'm ready to meet MACC
6 Oct 2017
Zahid: No political element in MACC Sabah's operation
6 Oct 2017
Trump, Zuckerberg face-off ahead of Russia hearing
28 Sep 2017
Rabobank: Concerns over China's capital outflow
18 Sep 2017
Paul Low: Political funding law will not be tabled before GE14
2 Sep 2017
Razak Baginda: I'm alive and free
21 Aug 2017
Tun M answers on his choice for Anwar to be the Prime Minister
13 Aug 2017
MPs from both sides form caucus to combat TB
10 Aug 2017
Najib slams Opposition's pledge to abolish GST
8 Aug 2017
Political uncertainties will not impede growth
3 Jul 2017
askST - Rules for renting out your apartment
9 May 2017
Thais living in Jakarta advised to avoid political gatherings
2 Dec 2016
Nazir: I wish I hadn't done it
18 Apr 2016
Nazir defends himself
18 Apr 2016
Nazir to take leave of absence
18 Apr 2016
InvestKL: KL as regional hub trumps recent political uncertainties
18 Jan 2016