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A rare blue supermoon is seen around the world
31 Aug 2023
Don't punish those influenced by racial sentiments, says PM
17 Aug 2023
China Daily | Tech Asia: Folding phone phenomenon
4 Aug 2023
Typhoon Doksuri batters China’s Fujian province
28 Jul 2023
Repairs begin in India after Cyclone Biparjoy
17 Jun 2023
Agriculture ministry to conduct cloud-seeding over padi fields if El Nino persists
15 Jun 2023
Drop in Musang King durian prices likely due to ‘black spots’, El Nino, says Mat Sabu
15 Jun 2023
Measures in place to ensure public health during hot weather, says Dr Zaliha
9 May 2023
Beijing hit by barrage of sandstorms
11 Apr 2023
Cars, crops under water as storms pummel California
23 Mar 2023
Floods in Johor claim first casualty, number of victims increases to 5,878
1 Mar 2023
Argentina's drought pushes farmers to the brink
18 Feb 2023
Turkiye quake: Seawater reaches inland in Iskenderun city
10 Feb 2023
At least 10 killed in Turkiye earthquake, many more trapped in rubble
6 Feb 2023
King tide: Elderly man rescued as waves batter his house in KK
27 Dec 2022
Tree-shaped landscape emerges in north China
17 Dec 2022
Kuala Kedah ferry terminal hit by flash floods due to high tide phenomenon
12 Oct 2022
Major quake strikes Mexico on 'cursed' anniversary
20 Sep 2022
Cleanup work begun in quake-hit Hualien county
19 Sep 2022
Earthquake in China's Sichuan province kills 21, shakes provincial capital
5 Sep 2022
Shortages and sickness in flood-hit Pakistan
4 Sep 2022
Baling floods: Bodies of three family members found
5 Jul 2022
New South Wales hit by massive floods
4 Jul 2022
MetMalaysia forecasts rain and thunderstorms to continue until Thursday (May 26)
25 May 2022
Stunning full moon spotted in parts of the world
17 Apr 2022
Sci-fi scene: Rare foggy scenery along China’s light rail line
5 Apr 2022
'Afternoon without a shadow' in KL, Putrajaya and Shah Alam
28 Mar 2022
Rare snow phenomenon at Mt Kinabalu a pleasant surprise for climbers, guides
28 Feb 2022
Another waterspout emerges, this time in Pitas, Sabah
4 Feb 2022
Ipoh residents shocked by ‘tornado-like storm’
30 Jan 2022
‘Tornado-like storm’ damages many Ipoh homes
30 Jan 2022
Tonga eruption could offer clues on planet formation
25 Jan 2022
Three killed as magnitude 6.0 earthquake rocks Chinese city
16 Sep 2021
Ida storm survivor: I've got nothing left
31 Aug 2021
Category 4 Hurricane Ida makes landfall
30 Aug 2021
Gunung Jerai disaster: 47 landslides detected
26 Aug 2021
Beach erosion getting more serious in Batu Ferringhi
24 Apr 2021
MetMalaysia: Heavy rain, thunderstorm not extreme weather condition
14 Apr 2021
Jupiter, Saturn closest in centuries
21 Dec 2020
Covid-19: No need for panic buying for Deepavali, says Health DG
9 Nov 2020
Washed up fish carcasses not sign of impending disaster, says Fisheries Dept
4 Jun 2020
‘Oohs’ and ‘aahs’ as annular eclipse happens
26 Dec 2019
Dep minister: Haze hasn’t put off tourists to Malaysia
16 Sep 2019
What's the hype with K-beauty?
15 Jul 2019
Waterspout swirls in Penang
1 Apr 2019
Discovering “blue tears” in Kuala Selangor
5 Mar 2019
Dr M: Bersatu is a race-based party but will work with other parties in Pakatan
12 Feb 2019
Magical ‘crying’ tree turns out to be cicada pee
30 Jan 2019
Rising water turns park into a water theme park
24 Dec 2018
Coast of Greek town disappears under a blanket of spiderwebs
22 Sep 2018
Cloudy skies cover moon’s triple treat
1 Feb 2018
Lunar trio: A blue, blood, supermoon eclipse on Jan 31st
31 Jan 2018
Take a dip in "mud volcanoes"
10 Oct 2017
Spectacular tidal bore attracts huge crowds in east China
8 Oct 2017
Irma hurricane aftermath: Havana turns into one big swimming pool
11 Sep 2017