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The Straits Times | Bus captain who retires after 50 years
22 Jul 2021
Young ustaz overcomes life-changing accident with perseverance
4 Jul 2021
McDonald's memorabilia collector dreams of opening a museum
26 Apr 2021
The Straits Times | Sticking it out with lacrosse | For the love of the game
7 Mar 2021
Hard work bears sweet fruits
3 Mar 2021
A Hong Kong man's passion for high-speed rail
18 Feb 2021
The Straits Times | Heritage warrior on a mission to protect Chinese traditions
8 Feb 2021
Long-distance married couples allowed to travel interstate
28 Jan 2021
Selangor Ruler, Tengku Permaisuri direct people to be compassionate to strays
23 Jan 2021
Langur Project Penang seeks to protect primate in peril | Golden Hearts Award 2020
24 Nov 2020
Follow SOPs strictly during elections, we have no other choice, pleads PM
31 Oct 2020
Spread care and love, imam urges Malaysians
30 Oct 2020
Michelle Obama presses fight for Biden with scathing attack on Trump
18 Aug 2020
Vietnam News | Football legend Le Cong Vinh switches to discovering talent
10 Aug 2020
For the love of ghazal music
31 Jul 2020
Evelyn Hoe's knitted knockers gives confidence to breast cancer survivors who have undergone a mastectomy
19 Feb 2020
A lion’s CNY sacrifice
24 Jan 2020
Thunberg sets sail for Spain climate talks
14 Nov 2019
Don’t follow old generation, they have failed, Anwar tells youths
9 Nov 2019
Syed Saddiq: Not enough to just have a circuit for “basikal lajak”
7 Nov 2019
Golden Hearts Award 2019: When compassion goes a long way
28 Sep 2019
Queen of the arts and heritage
29 Jul 2019
DURIAN ADVENTURE: The American who just loves durian
16 Jul 2019
Girl City: Getting to know Shanghai better through running
15 Jun 2019
Dr Maszlee: Education is key to counter extreme ideologies
15 May 2019
Urban Tales: Kashgar rapper
4 May 2019
Walk to spread peace and unity
29 Apr 2019
Urban Tales: Dance like a pro in Xinjiang
24 Mar 2019
“Young fire-breather”
23 Mar 2019
Generation Grit: From gangster to creative director
2 Feb 2019
Businessman by profession, kavadi maker by passion
23 Jan 2019
Mujahid explains Govt’s stand on enforcement of Islamic criminal laws
8 Oct 2018
Dr M: Islam is not about chopping heads and hands
6 Oct 2018
Key moments from the emotionally charged Ford/Kavanaugh hearings
28 Sep 2018
Interview with Abby Simone
7 Jul 2018
Cat lovers bring cheer to less fortunate children
10 Jun 2018
From doctor to passionate artist
13 Apr 2018
Urban Tales KL: Five stories of extraordinary people (Teaser)
18 Jan 2018
Golden Hearts Award 2017: Former nurse puts best foot forward for diabetic patients
12 Nov 2017
Mahdi Moudini, The Magician Extraordinaire
29 Oct 2017
Drums still beating strong
21 Sep 2017
Legacy of a hotel mogul
27 Aug 2017
AK Nathan: Passion for your job is necessary
29 Jul 2017
Mum Quits Career To Teach Babies Life-Saving Swimming Skills
6 Apr 2017
Power Talks March 2017: Datuk Seri Cheah Cheng Hye (Full Video)
25 Mar 2017
Heroes Among Us - Running in the dark with Patricia Poo
16 Mar 2017
Turning Point: Sleeping at void decks woke her up
28 Jun 2016
Stigma, injury and prison did not kill my passion for breakdancing
10 Jun 2016
Turning Point: How art changed my life
3 Jun 2016