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Adib’s ribs were broken ‘in a straight line’, inquest told
29 Mar 2019
‘Tit-tar’ practitioner Chris Leong returns home
10 Mar 2019
Muhammad Adib’s remains brought out of HKL to be flown to Kedah
18 Dec 2018
Herbal medicine: Helpful or harmful?
9 Dec 2018
Health Minister: Healthcare innovation a necessity, no longer a novelty
19 Oct 2018
No “licence to kill” like James Bond, Gopal Sri Ram urges doctors
16 Sep 2018
NYU offers free tuition for medical school
17 Aug 2018
No need for punitive action against doctor over LGBT statement, says UM dean
13 Aug 2018
After dam burst in Laos, a scramble for food and medicines
27 Jul 2018
Klang MP urges MACC to investigate alleged monopoly in medicines
22 Jun 2018
Health Minister: We are against medicine monopoly
15 Jun 2018
Fire breaks out at HKL
17 Mar 2018
Silent mentor: Continuing to “teach” in death
26 Feb 2018
A taste of his own medicine for Terry Yee
23 Jan 2018
IJN develops cutting edge pacemaker the size of a vitamin pill
22 Jan 2018
Boost your energy levels and stamina with cordyceps
17 Jan 2018
Here's a way to avoid the flu this season
14 Dec 2017
Cordyceps and its powerful healing benefits
24 Nov 2017
DAP MP urges govt to allocate 7% of GDP for healthcare
14 Nov 2017
Cancer treatment drug from mango extract
1 Sep 2017
Living City - Free Traditional Chinese Medicine on wheels
28 Mar 2017