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PM’s PC: GIACC’s measures to nip corruption in the bud
14 May 2019
Johor cops destroy gambling machines
13 May 2019
Unlicensed water vending machines in Penang shut down
18 Apr 2019
Meranti logs seized
10 Apr 2019
Afghan-born worshiper challenged Christchurch attacker with credit card machine
17 Mar 2019
Umno-PAS to work together in Rantau by-election
13 Mar 2019
A new chapter for cardiac imaging in Malaysia
4 Mar 2019
ATM dispenses not cash, but rice for the less fortunate
17 Feb 2019
Dr M: EAC for govt to listen to different views on economy
12 Feb 2019
Sibu cops looking for would-be thieves caught on CCTV
8 Feb 2019
Over 1,000 simulator machines worth RM2.7mil seized in police raid
5 Jan 2019
BN and DAP eager to field candidates for Cameron Highlands by-election
1 Dec 2018
Fireman’s heart and lungs supported by ECMO machine
28 Nov 2018
Injured fireman's condition has stabilised, says doctor
28 Nov 2018
Gunshots heard as patron films gunman shooting inside California bar
9 Nov 2018
Budget 2019: Hike in taxes, fees and levy on gaming industry
2 Nov 2018
Anwar: Next time, I won't sit in Mat Sabu's car
10 Oct 2018
Nurul Izzah: Smile for Isa, but vote for Anwar
10 Oct 2018
Saiful claims nobody backing him as he faces Anwar’s 'army' in PD polls
2 Oct 2018
Uncle’s prank at launderette backfires
2 Oct 2018
Dr M: Tougher being PM this time around
1 Oct 2018
Remand for suspected cat-killers extended, another still at large
17 Sep 2018
Dr M: We need time to fix govt machinery
22 Jul 2018
Sex scam leaves young man RM5,000 poorer
18 Jun 2018
Sarawak confident of winning at least 28 parliamentary seats
2 May 2018
Group protests Dr Mahathir contesting under PKR logo
23 Apr 2018
Kedah MB: It doesn’t matter what logo Pakatan Harapan uses
7 Apr 2018
Zahid beats election war drums in Johor
30 Mar 2018
KJ launches Selangor BN Youth's election machinery
26 Mar 2018
MCA’s show of force in Perak ahead of GE14
25 Mar 2018
Crackdown on call-center gang from Dubai
22 Mar 2018
PM: Five reasons why folks in Selangor should vote BN
7 Mar 2018
Seized video gaming machines destroyed
7 Mar 2018
PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang's press conference
21 Jan 2018
China's vending machine delivers fresh noodles in 60 seconds
28 Dec 2017
Foreman invents all-terrain mower
23 Nov 2017
Zahid urges Gerakan leaders to go to grassroots
12 Nov 2017
Money up in smoke after fire burns down Miri banking centre
21 Oct 2017
PAS starts sounding its war drums
1 Oct 2017
Technician invents papaya shredder for Som Tam preparation
22 Aug 2017
Police investigating blast in Kedah ATM facility
13 Aug 2017
A husband's love knows no bounds....
10 Aug 2017
Mechanised rice plougher race a big hit in Phitsanulok
21 Mar 2017
Turning Point: Rise of the machine man
30 Jun 2016
Chin Hin to expand manufacturing capacity
8 Mar 2016