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Triplets cause a 'stir' at Kimanis polling station
18 Jan 2020
EC: Recording via video camera won’t disrupt election process
18 Jan 2020
Klang church brings Christmas cheer to children from all walks of life
22 Dec 2019
Church priest: Religious beliefs should unite, not divide community
22 Dec 2019
Michelle Obama explains imposter syndrome
12 Dec 2019
Michelle Obama takes giving girls an education to heart
12 Dec 2019
“Plan your joy,” suggests Michelle Obama
12 Dec 2019
Michelle Obama and Julia Roberts on marriage
12 Dec 2019
Michelle Obama advises young Asia Pacific leaders to ‘stay high’ in living their lives
12 Dec 2019
Michelle Obama: It’s okay to not have it all
12 Dec 2019
Watch Trump and Melania ‘trick’ kid at Halloween event
30 Oct 2019
'Lady Liberty' erected above Hong Kong
13 Oct 2019
Seven arrested over loan scams
12 Sep 2019
Celebrities take on 'campy' looks at Met Gala
7 May 2019
Twelve 'disciples' chosen for Holy Thursday in Penang church
18 Apr 2019
'This Is America' wins Song of the Year at 2019 Grammys
11 Feb 2019
Klang church throws a Xmas party for kids from all walks of life
23 Dec 2018
First Lady shares why she wanted to hold Imran Khan’s hand
4 Dec 2018
Man who allegedly masturbated in LRT train nabbed
27 Oct 2018
Iron Lady lets off steam when referring to those "chimney minds" that Malaysians have
12 Oct 2018
Fan Bingbing ‘disappeared’ since July 2018
24 Sep 2018
Michelle Obama Announces Book Tour from Nov 13
14 Sep 2018
Mexican wrestlers go to church in annual pilgrimage
23 Aug 2018
Motorcyclist fined RM5,000 for smashing windscreen
8 May 2018
Volunteers, the workhorse of GE14
7 May 2018
Former First Lady Barbara Bush dies at 92
18 Apr 2018
Michelle Obama praises 'Black Panther' success
20 Feb 2018
Trump visits Florida hospital to pay respects after school shooting
17 Feb 2018
Donald Trump kicks off important Beijing trip
9 Nov 2017
Temper, temper, so judge sends accountant off to jail
30 Oct 2017
Terminally-ill woman gets her dying wish
25 Oct 2017
Woman allegedly fell to her death at a monorail station
24 Sep 2017
Man yanks out pubic hair and sprinkles it on lady passenger in train
19 Sep 2017
Jakarta's penniless cat lady marches on
19 Apr 2017
Caring lady hands out sour mangoes to sleepy drivers
18 Apr 2017
Thai soap offends descendent of Myanmar’s royal family
16 Mar 2017
Lively funeral for a nonagenarian in Trang
31 Mar 2016