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Funerals held for 14 killed in Israeli strikes on Nuseirat
17 Jul 2024
PM: Malaysia strongly condemns Israel's attack on al-Mawasi refugee camp
14 Jul 2024
Death toll in Gaza reaches 38,443 as Israeli airstrike kills at least 90 in Khan Yunis
14 Jul 2024
Jordanians protest the killing of at least 90 Palestinians in Israeli strike on Gaza
14 Jul 2024
Video shows moment of Israeli strike east of Gaza's Khan Younis, killing 29 Palestinians
11 Jul 2024
Israeli airstrike near UN school sheltering displaced Palestinians
4 Jul 2024
Don't go overboard in debating BlackRock issue, says Anwar
1 Jul 2024
Court sets July 30 for mention in Israeli Avitan's firearms-related case
28 Jun 2024
Israel storms Gaza City neighbourhood, killing at least seven Palestinians
28 Jun 2024
Gazans pull children casualties from under the rubble after overnight strike
24 Jun 2024
PM on BlackRock in MAHB privatisation: Please don't politicise it
21 Jun 2024
July 11 court date for couple allegedly linked to Israeli 'hitman' case
11 Jun 2024
Part-time worker fined RM100 for placing Israeli flag stickers at fast food restaurant
6 Jun 2024
Dozens killed in Israeli strike on UNRWA school in central Gaza
6 Jun 2024
Malaysia welcomes US shift on Israel-Palestine stance, says PM
6 Jun 2024
Hezbollah rockets set off fires in north of Israeli-occupied territories
4 Jun 2024
Zahid urges tighter monitoring of ports to keep Israeli vessels away
4 Jun 2024
US says latest Rafah deaths won't impact Israel policy, military aid
29 May 2024
Two senior CCID cops face graft charges to close case involving Israeli firearms purchase
28 May 2024
Palestinians look through ashes for belongings after overnight strike on Rafah
27 May 2024
Israeli air strikes on Rafah kill dozens
27 May 2024
ICC's arrest warrants: Netanyahu describes it as 'absurd,' Britain and Austria say 'unhelpful'
21 May 2024
Israeli 'hitman' case: Court sets Sept 30 for arms trafficking trial to begin
21 May 2024
Biden denies 'genocide' happening in Gaza
21 May 2024
ICC prosecutor seeks arrest warrants for Israeli PM, Hamas leaders
20 May 2024
Pro-Palestinian protesters denounce Google outside of annual conference
15 May 2024
Talks over Gaza ceasefire at stalemate after Rafah operation, Qatar PM says
14 May 2024
Israeli protesters block Gaza aid convoy, destroy food packages
14 May 2024
White House sees no genocide in Gaza
14 May 2024
Gazans flee Jabalia as Israeli forces step up attacks
13 May 2024
Pakistanis and Yemens stage massive rallies in solidarity with Palestinians
11 May 2024
Netanyahu: I hope I can patch things up with Biden
10 May 2024
Israelis block road in protest against aid trucks to Gaza
10 May 2024
Bodies lie outside mosque as Israeli forces mass on Rafah's outskirts
10 May 2024
Amsterdam police break up pro-Palestinian student protest
9 May 2024
Malaysian doctor in Rafah: It's a little scary but we just got to do what we need to do
9 May 2024
Families of Israeli hostages urge Netanyahu to end war in Gaza and accept ceasefire deal
8 May 2024
Israeli military seizes Rafah border crossing
7 May 2024
Gazans celebrate yet remain cautious after Hamas' acceptance of truce with Israel
7 May 2024
No truth to claims Israeli ship docked at Port Klang, says Anwar
7 May 2024
Gazans begin evacuating Rafah: Where do they want us to go?
6 May 2024
Israeli army urges Palestinians in eastern Rafah to evacuate immediately
6 May 2024
Rafah airstrike survivor: Where will we go now?
1 May 2024
Students at Texas State University join campus pro-Palestinian protests
30 Apr 2024
At least 20 killed in Israeli airstrikes targeting Rafah
29 Apr 2024
Gaza baby dies after just few days of life after Israeli strike
26 Apr 2024
Decision to prosecute 10 individuals linked to Israeli 'spy' to be announced in May
24 Apr 2024
Baby saved from womb of mother killed in Israeli airstrike
22 Apr 2024
Cops rearrest 10 linked to Israeli 'hitman' case under Sosma
19 Apr 2024
Iranians play down reported Israeli attack in Isfahan, saying 'that's not important'
19 Apr 2024
Four killed in Israeli airstrike on an UNRWA school in Gaza, says health ministry
18 Apr 2024
US envoy says full UN membership won't help Palestinians with statehood
17 Apr 2024
Israeli airstrikes land in Rafah neighbourhoods, killing at least 12 in two days
17 Apr 2024
Middle East crisis: G7 calls on Iran to restrain, Biden tells Israel US will not take part
15 Apr 2024
Israel says it shot down 99% of 300 missiles and drones fired by Iran
14 Apr 2024
Israeli 'spy' claims trial to charges of possessing, trafficking firearms
12 Apr 2024
Gaza attack: Anwar reaches out to Hamas leader to convey condolences
11 Apr 2024
Couple allegedly linked to Israeli claim trial to firearms possession
8 Apr 2024
IGP: Israeli man caught with six guns expected to be charged this week
8 Apr 2024
Thousands in Tel Aviv rally demand Netanyahu's resignation
7 Apr 2024
Chef Jose Andres says his aid workers were 'targeted systematically' in Israeli strike
4 Apr 2024
'We are sorry for the unintentional harm to the members of WCK' - Israeli army chief
3 Apr 2024
Netanyahu laments Israel's 'unintentional' killing of aid workers, military vows thorough probe
2 Apr 2024
IGP: Israeli man, local couple could hang for illegal firearms possession
2 Apr 2024
Police hunting down more suspects in Israeli spy's case
2 Apr 2024
Video from attack site shows World Central Kitchen vehicles destroyed in air strike
2 Apr 2024
Iranians condemn suspected Israeli attack on embassy in Syria
2 Apr 2024
Israel airstrike on Gaza kills foreign aid workers
2 Apr 2024
Israeli man used valid French passport to enter Malaysia, says Saifuddin
1 Apr 2024
Israeli troops leave Gaza's Shifa Hospital in sea of rubble
1 Apr 2024
IGP: National security heightened after possible Israeli agent nabbed in KL
29 Mar 2024
The Straits Times | Israeli Embassy’s post ‘completely unacceptable’: Shanmugam
25 Mar 2024
Eyewitness in Gaza records Israeli raid on Al Shifa Hospital
19 Mar 2024
Stern warning for port operator after Israeli firm's container 'mistakenly' released
18 Mar 2024
Israeli strikes kill at least 29 Gazans awaiting aid
15 Mar 2024
Domestic Trade Ministry monitoring sale of Israeli dates here, says Armizan
14 Mar 2024
Anti-government protesters in Tel Aviv say Netanyahu must go
10 Mar 2024
Britain to warn Israel over famine risk in Gaza
6 Mar 2024
Scenes inside Nasser hospital in Gaza amid Israeli attack
16 Feb 2024
Rafah residents condemn Israeli airstrikes
13 Feb 2024
Israeli strikes on Rafah killed 48 Palestinians - Health Ministry
12 Feb 2024
Netanyahu says 'enough' remaining Israeli hostages alive to warrant Gaza war
12 Feb 2024
Body of Gaza girl, ambulance team trapped under Israeli fire found after 12 days
11 Feb 2024
Palestinians hold funeral for 12 members of two families killed in Rafah
10 Feb 2024
Hamas says Netanyahu wants to prolong aggression, Israel insists on total victory
8 Feb 2024
UN Gaza food convoy hit by Israeli naval gunfire, UNRWA claims
6 Feb 2024
Malaysia to monitor all channels to condemn attack on Palestinians, says PM
27 Jan 2024
World Court orders Israel to prevent and punish incitement of genocide in Gaza
26 Jan 2024
Israeli protesters block aid trucks for Gaza
25 Jan 2024
World Court to deliver ruling in Israel genocide case on Jan 26
25 Jan 2024
Video of explosion that reportedly killed 21 Israeli soldiers in Gaza
24 Jan 2024
Nasser hospital "on the brink of collapse", says doctor as Israel pounds Khan Younis
22 Jan 2024
China urges larger-scale Gaza peace talks
15 Jan 2024
South Africa accuses Israel at World Court of genocidal acts in Gaza
11 Jan 2024
Israeli strike on Gaza ambulance kills four Palestinian Red Crescent medics
11 Jan 2024
Israeli strike kills two Palestinian journalists in Gaza, officials say
7 Jan 2024
“May God avenge us” - father mourns death of family killed in Israeli strike
5 Jan 2024
There is no safe space in Gaza and the world should be ashamed – UN official
3 Jan 2024
Senior Hamas leader killed in Israeli drone strike
3 Jan 2024