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Cuepacs hopes govt will give Aidilfitri bonus to civil servants
13 May 2019
Azmin: Repair work to be sped up in time for the Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebration
4 May 2019
AirAsia adds 115,000 seats for Gawai, Kaamatan and Raya
30 Apr 2019
Taman Keramat Permai flat residents to know their fate by Monday
27 Apr 2019
Azmin denies rumours of Deputy Prime Minister appointment in June
2 Apr 2019
Locking horns over the bulls
22 Jan 2019
Muhyiddin: I will begin chemotherapy after Hari Raya Haji
14 Aug 2018
Najib and Rosmah sing songs at Hari Raya party
27 Jun 2018
Sorry for any “harsh things” said during GE14 campaign
16 Jun 2018
The homeless and underprivileged are not forgotten on Hari Raya
15 Jun 2018
Health Minister: We are against medicine monopoly
15 Jun 2018
Dr M overwhelmed by turnout to open house
15 Jun 2018
Najib holds Hari Raya open house in Pekan
15 Jun 2018
PM performs Raya special morning prayers at National Mosque
15 Jun 2018
UK High Commissioner: Let's forgive one another - including the crispy rendang judges
14 Jun 2018
Don’t overeat during Hari Raya, says Dr M
14 Jun 2018
Chinese ambassador extends Raya greetings to Malaysians, in Malay
14 Jun 2018
Sacrifice now for a better future, urges Dr Mahathir in Hari Raya Message
14 Jun 2018
Agong urges rakyat to stay away from slander and uphold royal institution
14 Jun 2018
NSE experiences “smoother” traffic compared to past Raya periods
14 Jun 2018
PM and Pakatan Harapan leaders extend Aidilfitri greetings in FB video
14 Jun 2018
Sarawak CM urges Muslims to reflect on less fortunate in Hari Raya message
14 Jun 2018
Smooth traffic along Karak highway
14 Jun 2018
Anwar's Hari Raya message: The fight must go on
14 Jun 2018
72-hour-long KL Raya festival promises shopping extravaganza
11 Jun 2018
"Those who are 90, better not drive!" Dr M jokes in Raya road safety video
9 Jun 2018
Loke: Ban on express bus drivers with outstanding fines
7 Jun 2018
80% of police force on duty for Aidilfitri period
7 Jun 2018
Loke: Tun M to deliver road safety PSA
7 Jun 2018
Tun M announces parliament dates and Raya incentive
6 Jun 2018
Gloomy Raya ahead for cancer patient and his family
4 Jun 2018
One month’s salary Raya bonus for Selangor civil servants
4 Jun 2018
Mat Sabu pays tribute to armed forces
31 May 2018
Najib hints GE14 before Hari Raya
2 Feb 2018
Government recognises Armed Forces' sacrifice to the country
1 Sep 2017
Annual fair to celebrate Hari Raya Aidil Fitri
28 Jun 2017
Hari raya recipe - Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta’s ‘nasi goreng kluwak’
23 Jun 2017
Hari Raya Recipe - Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta’s 'tumis lidah cabai hijau’
23 Jun 2017
Hari Raya Recipe - JW Mariott Hotel Jakarta’s "ayam woku-woku"
23 Jun 2017