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The Straits Times | Malaysia's chicken export ban: Should Singaporeans be worried?
24 May 2022
Chicken exports halted from June 1 to check supply, price issues
23 May 2022
Singapore Court dismisses last-minute bid by Nagaenthran’s mother to halt execution
26 Apr 2022
Downpour halts China's search for jet crash victims
23 Mar 2022
EU condemns 'barbaric' Russia attack, prepares new sanctions
24 Feb 2022
Hishammuddin: Full-scale MCO will not be implemented as country prepares to enter endemic phase
11 Jan 2022
Chaos at Atlanta airport after felon's gun goes off
21 Nov 2021
The Straits Times | A look at world leaders' pledges at COP26
5 Nov 2021
'Doomsday clock' ticks as leaders meet on climate
2 Nov 2021
Three killed in gas explosion at Chinese BBQ restaurant
21 Oct 2021
Let’s help the stateless children and their families, urges Sabah NGO
25 Sep 2021
New Zealanders begin life under lockdown
18 Aug 2021
WHO calls for pause in Covid booster shots
5 Aug 2021
Vietnam News | Social distancing in Hanoi under Directive 16
24 Jul 2021
Pahang Regent recommends halt to mining activities in Tasik Chini area
15 Jun 2021
Traffic halts as mandarin ducks cross street
22 May 2021
Asean: Consensus reached on Myanmar
25 Apr 2021
Besut man says sorry for installing 11 speed bumps on street next to his home
14 Jan 2021
Wan Junaidi: 17% of cooperatives nationwide shut down during MCO
2 Dec 2020
Trump campaign suing to halt counting in Pennsylvania
5 Nov 2020
'The Batman' halted as Pattinson tests positive
4 Sep 2020
Annuar Musa: Incomplete affordable housing projects high due to premature halt by previous govt
5 Aug 2020
MPs claim “political interference” during MCO food basket distribution
4 Aug 2020
Electricity bills: Three months free for domestic low power users, RM77 discount for others
20 Jun 2020
China orders firms to stop buying US farm goods
2 Jun 2020
Messi and La Liga sides continue training as Spain eases lockdown
14 May 2020
WHO regrets Trump funding halt as global coronavirus cases top 2 million
16 Apr 2020
Trump mulls NY quarantine as U.S. cases top 115,000
29 Mar 2020
Australia's Qantas to cease international flights
19 Mar 2020
All of Italy on lockdown as coronavirus spreads
10 Mar 2020
Allow all views on degazettement of forest reserve, say NGOs
24 Feb 2020
Wuhan virus: Malaysia stops visas for Chinese travellers from affected areas
27 Jan 2020
Internal investigation into judicial interference halted due to police probe, says CJ
3 Jan 2020
Khalid Samad: Resolve Kampung Segambut Permai land issue amicably
30 Dec 2019
Major construction projects in Sarawak hit by floods
11 Dec 2019
Britain's Prince Andrew halts public duties over sex scandal
21 Nov 2019
Hold smoking ban until laws on vape industry are enacted, says MP
14 Nov 2019
Hong Kong policy address halted after heckling
16 Oct 2019
Dr Mahathir speaks at Eastern Economic Forum plenary session
5 Sep 2019
As fires ravage the Amazon, indigenous tribes pray for protection
2 Sep 2019
Zakir agrees to halt speeches, will meet with cops again next week
22 Aug 2019
India-Pakistan split deepens with train travel block
9 Aug 2019
India halts historic moon mission at final hour
15 Jul 2019
Authorities spring into action over murky water in Orang Asli village
21 May 2019
Mass graves only discovered during operation to destroy Wang Kelian camp
18 Apr 2019
Airbus to scrap A380 superjumbo production
14 Feb 2019
LRT3 on track to meet 2024 deadline, says contractor
11 Feb 2019
Police halt efforts to retrieve SUV wreckage
21 Jan 2019
Govt to appeal to Singapore to halt execution of Malaysian
24 Oct 2018
Free meds for people with cancer and rare disorders not halted by PASc review
16 Aug 2018
Parliament halted temporarily because not enough MPs present
24 Jul 2018
Dr Wee: We’re willing to compromise as long as schools are built
29 Jun 2018
Pregnant woman falls onto LRT tracks
19 Apr 2018
North Korea open to talks with US and halting nuclear pursuit, says South
6 Mar 2018
Temples close due to lunar eclipse
31 Jan 2018
France pulls Marquis de Sade erotic novel from auction
21 Dec 2017
Bali volcano alert raised to highest level
27 Nov 2017
Trump halts decision on elephant trophy imports after uproar
19 Nov 2017
No fishing on the Mekong...
7 Nov 2017
Protest against the demolition of Customs quarters
23 Aug 2017
U.S. Navy to halt operations after USS John S. McCain crash
22 Aug 2017
Orang Asli blockaders find themselves blockaded
12 Oct 2016
Immediate stop work order issued for disputed logging sites
3 Oct 2016
BAT calls for temporary excise-duty halt
25 Apr 2016