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BNM liberalises FEA policy
16 Aug 2019
BNM: Weaker ringgit plays a key role as shock absorber
16 Aug 2019
BNM: M'sian economy grew at the strongest rate in 5 quarters for 2Q19
16 Aug 2019
TAR UC to produce talent for railway industry
13 Jun 2019
Private investment slowed to 0.4% in 1Q19
16 May 2019
BNM announces six measures to address concerns of FTSE Russell
16 May 2019
BNM: Economy expands by 4.5% in 1Q19
16 May 2019
BNM: FDI improves to RM21.7bil in 1Q19
16 May 2019
Dr M: Not enough women in Cabinet but more now in top posts
9 May 2019
Christchurch attacks changed the country, says NZ Governor-General
19 Mar 2019
Economy grows at 4.7% in Q4 of 2018, above forecast
14 Feb 2019
Turkish high speed train crash kills nine
13 Dec 2018
NGO urges MACC to look into alleged extension of Sabah Governor’s tenure
11 Dec 2018
BNM: US-China trade war could reduce Malaysia’s exports
16 Nov 2018
BNM: RM cushioned by institutional investors
16 Nov 2018
BNM: Economy expands at 4.4% in Q3
16 Nov 2018
BNM: M’sia supported by sound economic fundamentals
16 Nov 2018
Nikki Haley resigns as Trump's UN ambassador
10 Oct 2018
Tun Siti Hasmah remembers Tun Ali: “My brother was stern but affectionate, I miss him.”
8 Oct 2018
Florence has never been more dangerous, says NC governor
18 Sep 2018
BNM: 2Q18 GDP growth slows to 4.5%
17 Aug 2018
BNM: 1MDB investigation by task force
17 Aug 2018
BNM: Prudent measures by Govt
17 Aug 2018
1MDB was fined RM15m, reveals Bank Negara Governor
17 Aug 2018
1MDB was fined RM15m, reveals Bank Negara Governor
17 Aug 2018
Bank Negara: Economy on steady growth path
17 Aug 2018
Bank Negara Governor: Nobody wins in a trade war
17 Aug 2018
Penang is now in sync with the Federal Govt, says Governor
3 Aug 2018
Lions Clubs’ first female international president wants to hear more women roar
29 Jul 2018
Lim: I would believe Zeti over Najib
3 Jul 2018
15 reports filed yet MACC can’t act against Sarawak governor Taib Mahmud
3 Jul 2018
Dr Zeti back in the limelight after her PNB appointment
29 Jun 2018
Bank Negara had recommended govt put up public tender over land sale, says Muhammad
6 Jun 2018
Malaysia discussing exit terms of Bank Negara governor
5 Jun 2018
Maryland flooding: Ellicott City street turns into raging river
28 May 2018
Governor: Teen gunman who killed 10 at Texas school planned suicide
19 May 2018
Bank Negara has been objective in 1MDB probe
18 May 2018
Zeti: Announcement on toll charges possibly next week
17 May 2018
Zeti: Ringgit will perform better when confidence is restored
15 May 2018
Zeti says no turning back on GST abolishment
15 May 2018
Shafie: What constitutional crisis?
13 May 2018
Shafie Apdal sworn in as Sabah CM
12 May 2018
Melaka Governor gives morale support to Liow
30 Apr 2018
Taib Mahmud’s youngest daughter makes political debut
25 Apr 2018
Dr Sim and Datuk Hanifah Hajar Taib are among the new faces in Sarawak BN’s list
24 Apr 2018
BNM: Cheap foreign labour suppresses wages
28 Mar 2018
BNM: Malaysia’s economy well-positioned in 2018
28 Mar 2018
BNM: Time for structural reforms
28 Mar 2018
Florida governor calls school shooting 'pure evil'
15 Feb 2018
Malaysia's economy grows 6.2%
17 Nov 2017
Penang Governor's health improving
10 Nov 2017
Nor Mohamed, Zeti take witness stand in RCI proceedings
6 Sep 2017
Hurricane Harvey grows to category 4
26 Aug 2017
Djarot welcomes songs for Ahok and unity
11 May 2017
Ahok guilty of blasphemy, sentenced to two years in jail
9 May 2017
Promoting Phang Nga as a food and ecotourism destination
5 May 2017
"Thank you Ahok!"
2 May 2017
Flea market supports local farmers
6 Feb 2017
Ahok's blasphemy trial begins
14 Dec 2016
Current Thai banknotes to remain
21 Oct 2016
BNM to conclude the Concept Paper for fintech
21 Sep 2016
BNM: Financial inclusion agenda important
21 Sep 2016
BNM: Sufficient controls and rules in place
12 Aug 2016
Governor Ibrahim stays mum on CIMB
12 Aug 2016
BNM: No further 1MDB investigations
12 Aug 2016
BNM: Banks' board composition important
12 Aug 2016
Muhammad: 1MDB investigation closed
13 May 2016
Bank Negara: Better 2H16 economic performance
13 May 2016
Ringgit will reflect long-term fundamentals
13 May 2016
Khairussaleh: Prudent lending measures to be maintained
12 May 2016
KWAP: The government is making the right decisions
4 May 2016
Roi Et's macho governor takes on former professional boxer in a charity match
11 Apr 2016
Zeti: Islamic financing vital in infrastructure projects
30 Mar 2016
Poser over Zeti's successor
25 Mar 2016
Zeti: Our powers are derived from respect and trust of the people
23 Mar 2016
Zeti: My deputy governors have high capabilities
23 Mar 2016
Zeti: Next governor must have extensive knowledge
23 Mar 2016
Zeti: Economy going through adjustment period
11 Mar 2016
Zeti on successor: Just be patient
11 Mar 2016
Cleaner toilets across government offices in Thailand
4 Mar 2016
Zeti: Malaysia's economic fundamentals can withstand global challenges
23 Feb 2016
Zeti wants a clean slate for next Governor on 1MDB
23 Feb 2016