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Fitness trainer keeps his chin up, returns to work at wet market due to MCO 2.0
15 Jan 2021
American fitness trainer chases dream in China
12 Nov 2020
Gyms under conditional MCO allowed to operate with conditions
17 Oct 2020
“Be one with the fish" - aquarium yoga among Hong Kong Ocean Park's staycation palette
9 Oct 2020
Afghan women hit the treadmill at first female gym
24 Sep 2020
Fitness trainer works at wet market, advises job seekers to tough it out
3 Jun 2020
It's a wrap! StarFit wellness campaign concludes
1 Jun 2020
Work it out with StarFit at home
14 May 2020
StarFit brings fitness to your doorstep
11 May 2020
Athletes share fitness tips during MCO
3 Apr 2020
A new, better me
15 Jan 2020
Provide space for fitness facilities at the workplace, Dr Lee tells companies
15 Nov 2019
DPM: Balloon explosion could be due to mixture of helium and other gases
13 Oct 2019
Balloon explosion at fitness event injures16
12 Oct 2019
Trek Destination: Mulu Pinnacles at Mulu National Park, Sarawak
31 May 2019
Over 10,000 turn up at Fit Malaysia 2019
24 Mar 2019
Bold woman redefines muscular beauty for the millennium
13 Mar 2019
Black shoes for students to be fully enforced in 2021, says Education Ministry
13 Oct 2018
Dr M: Don't follow me, I'm not always right
13 Oct 2018
No cover-ups on sexual harassment probe, assures health minister
3 Aug 2018
Getting fit can be fun too
14 Jul 2018
Fitness with a flair
25 Dec 2017
Fire at South Korea fitness centre kills at least 29
22 Dec 2017
Early morning stroll for 2,000 participants at “Walk With Love”
24 Sep 2017
Cops race in full gear for fitness evaluation program
18 Aug 2017
Getting fit with coconuts
16 Mar 2017
Prime Minister joins his staff for weekly exercise session at government house
2 Dec 2016
Crossfit: every second counts
30 Jun 2016
From 'ah pui' to 'abang body'
7 Jun 2016
Fashionably Fit
17 Feb 2016