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Elephant deaths: Plantation Ministry to discuss solutions with Sabah Wildlife Dept
23 Jun 2022
Rescued elephant calf dies after foot amputated
22 Jun 2022
Elephant calf hurt by trap was in agony for days, says Sabah minister
21 Jun 2022
Malaysian artist Yusof Gajah, known for his elephant-themed paintings, dies aged 68
9 Mar 2022
Elephant found dead by the road in Kedah
15 Feb 2022
Elephant scavenges for food at army base in Perak
15 Feb 2022
Jelutong MP asked to exit after row with Baling MP for reenacting talk with elephant in Tamil
26 Oct 2021
Wild animals spotted roaming through Johor towns
21 Oct 2021
China's migrating Asian elephants having fun
21 Jul 2021
China's migrating elephant herd shows returning trend
20 Jun 2021
An Unusual Journey: China's Wild Elephants
12 Jun 2021
Female elephant wanders into Gerik school
22 Jan 2021
UM paleontologists discover fossil of extinct elephant in Gopeng cave
9 Oct 2020
Elephant calf crossing Kota Tinggi-Mersing road killed by car
1 Sep 2020
Drones mitigate human-elephant conflict in Yunnan, China
18 Aug 2020
Car honk riles elephant, stomps bonnet, five escape unhurt
3 Aug 2020
Pregnant elephant in India dies after being fed firecracker-stuffed pineapple
4 Jun 2020
Wild animals roam freely during MCO
28 Apr 2020
Thai students, elephants send jumbo Valentines to virus-hit Wuhan
14 Feb 2020
Animal parts trading rampant on social media
29 Nov 2019
Xavier urges Sabah and Sarawak to amend laws to tackle wildlife crimes
21 Oct 2019
11 wild elephants drown in Thai waterfall
8 Oct 2019
Do you know...about pygmy elephant?
8 Oct 2019
Police: Pygmy elephant killed by plantation guards, not poachers
2 Oct 2019
Elephant rampages through crowd at Sri Lankan festival
10 Sep 2019
Five elephants rescued from abandoned gold mine
21 Aug 2019
Wild elephant dies after being run over by lorry in Hulu Terengganu
29 Jul 2019
Singapore seizes record haul of elephant ivory, pangolin scales
24 Jul 2019
Elephant rescued after netizen posts SOS on FB
30 May 2019
Elephant recovers after tusk surgery in Tbilisi zoo
6 Nov 2018
My Minister series: Rina Harun
28 Sep 2018
San Diego Zoo gets surprise early birth of baby elephant
28 Sep 2018
Rubber tapper trampled to death by an elephant
8 Sep 2018
Ice lollipops for Beijing zoo animals to cool down heatwave
5 Aug 2018
Orphan elephant calf adopted by famed former English goalkeeper
5 Jun 2018
Ambassadors bless births of two elephant newborns in Thailand
5 Apr 2018
Less than half of 20 elephants captured after rampage
5 Mar 2018
Pygmy elephant herd under-watch
1 Mar 2018
When an elephant comes to school
1 Mar 2018
Vet warns not to allow elephants to take sugarcane from trucks
14 Feb 2018
Thai national park to host group wedding on Valentine's Day
7 Feb 2018
ASEAN Scoop: Beehive fence used in Thailand to deter wild elephants
2 Feb 2018
Wild elephant goes on a two-hour walk around China-Laos border
28 Jan 2018
A case of mistaken identity
29 Nov 2017
Trump halts decision on elephant trophy imports after uproar
19 Nov 2017
Jumbo rescue
26 Oct 2017
Elephant rescued from canal
23 Oct 2017
Tourists flock to Khao Yai National Park to see Wild elephants up close
25 Sep 2017
Close shave for runners
22 Sep 2017
RM80mil of ivory and pangolin scales seized in Sabah
8 Sep 2017
Durian warehouse raided by hungry elephant
15 Aug 2017
Pgymy elephant in Sabah dies of gunshot wounds
7 Aug 2017
Elephant pays last respect to its former handler
3 Aug 2017
Jumbo's​ new arrival caught on camera
16 Jun 2017
Villagers flee from rogue elephants
13 Jun 2017
It's a boy! Thai elephant born in Australian zoo
2 Jun 2017
Chonburi's aquatic elephant show is a crowd puller
2 May 2017
UNHCR officer killed in stampede
17 Apr 2017
Rogue elephant gives motorists the jitters
4 Apr 2017
Beauty pageant celebrates big, beautiful women
27 Mar 2017
Botanical garden welcomes baby elephant
3 Feb 2017
DNA registration for elephants
14 Oct 2016
Elephants used to promote Thailand’s referendum
2 Aug 2016
Unique ordination ceremony in Thailand retained for over 170 years
12 Apr 2016
Elephants take center stage in sports meet
1 Apr 2016
Jumbo feast for baby elephant
24 Mar 2016