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Philippines votes: Marcos family eyes return to power
9 May 2022
Daughter of Philippines leader Duterte files VP candidacy
13 Nov 2021
Journalists who took on Putin and Duterte win 2021 Nobel Peace Prize
8 Oct 2021
Duterte fuels rumours his daughter will run for office
3 Oct 2021
Boxer Manny Pacquiao to run for Philippine presidency
20 Sep 2021
Chaos and confusion at vaccination sites as thousands in the Philippines rush to get shots
5 Aug 2021
Vaccine deniers will get shot for pigs: Duterte
23 Jun 2021
The Inquirer | Duterte calls killings by off-duty cop in Philippines 'too brutal'
22 Dec 2020
Philippines deports US Marine pardoned for transgender killing
13 Sep 2020
Philippine court finds news site chief Maria Ressa guilty of libel
15 Jun 2020
Philippines holds midterm election as Duterte consolidates power
13 May 2019
Mahathir, Duterte discuss boosting bilateral trade in Manila meeting
7 Mar 2019
Tun M arrives in Manila for an official visit
6 Mar 2019
Philippine journalist released on bail after arrest causes outcry
14 Feb 2019
'The Guardians' named Time person of the year
12 Dec 2018
Philippines court hands down first murder verdict against police in drug war
29 Nov 2018
‘What's wrong with my nap?’, asks Duterte
15 Nov 2018
Philippines opens cleaner, stricter Boracay to tourists
26 Oct 2018
Momentum builds ahead of Pacquiao-Matthysse fight
11 Jul 2018
Philippines' Duterte stirs controversy by kissing woman on lips
5 Jun 2018
37 dead in Philippines mall fire
24 Dec 2017
Proposal to extend martial law in Southern Philippines
11 Dec 2017
Zahid: Malaysia will not emulate Durtete's anti drug campaign
29 Nov 2017
Duterte sings love song for Trump: 'You are the light'
13 Nov 2017
Malaysia and Asean nations ink FTA with Hong Kong
12 Nov 2017
Duterte says Malaysian militant Dr Mahmud killed
20 Oct 2017
Philippines declares victory over militants in Marawi City
18 Oct 2017
At least 80 dead after escalation in Philippines war on drugs
18 Aug 2017
Philippine police kill 32 in bloodiest night of Duterte’s war on drugs
17 Aug 2017
The Philippine government hits back at Human Rights Watch report
4 Jul 2017
Duterte meets Bangkok’s Filipino community
23 Mar 2017
Catholic church speaks out on Filipino drug killings
19 Jan 2017
Russian Navy ships in Manila on goodwill visit
4 Jan 2017
Duterte is Chinese magazine's Person of the Year
4 Jan 2017
The Philippine Inquirer Year ender: What should Duterte focus on after the war on drugs?
3 Jan 2017
Why did Obama cancel his meeting with the Philippines' Duterte?
7 Sep 2016
Duterte says Obama must listen to him first on human rights
1 Sep 2016
Puppets portray the war on drugs in Manila schools
30 Aug 2016
Manila backpedals threat to leave UN
23 Aug 2016
Tiger cubs charm Manila zoo visitors
15 Jul 2016
Philippines' Duterte justifies journalists' murders
3 Jun 2016
Duterte memorabilia flying off the shelves in Davao
18 May 2016
Philippines' Duterte vows hangings in war on crime
17 May 2016
Philippines crime victims await Duterte
13 May 2016
A look at some of Dutertes tough talk
13 May 2016
Davao residents delighted as Duterte elected president
11 May 2016
Duterte 'poised to win Philippine elections'
10 May 2016
Duterte leads Philippines polls
10 May 2016
Duterte's shocking, shrewd shot at the Philippine presidency
9 May 2016