Duterte leads Philippines polls

Published on 10 May 2016 1:24:29 PM

The official results of the Philippines presidential election may not be known for weeks but unofficial figures are already giving maverick Rodrigo Duterte a huge lead.

A rolling count by one election commission-accredited watchdog suggests he's five million votes ahead of his nearest rival with 90 per cent counted.

On the streets of Manila confidence that Duterte will bring change varies.

This man, who voted for a rival candidate, says he's waiting to see if Duterte's really up to the job.

This man, a Duterte supporter, says he's hoping for big improvements.

Duterte's image as a firebrand hasn't diminished since the end of campaigning.

Even as the votes were being counted he was saying corrupt officials should retire or die, and reiterated his backing for extra-judicial killings to stamp out crime.