Philippines crime victims await Duterte

Published on 13 May 2016 3:03:40 PM

The walls at the offices of Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption in Manila are lined with posters of those they seek to help.

Under the reign of outgoing President Benigno Aquino the number of crimes has more than doubled in five years to more than 675,000.

Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption official Arseno Evangelista's son was among them, murdered by a car theft-gang.

He says Aquino's likely successor Rodrigo Duterte, who campaigned solely on a crackdown on criminals, is delivering the right message.Duterte campaigned on the single issue of crushing crime, corruption and drug abuse.

But his advocacy of extra-judicial killings to stamp out crime and drugs have alarmed human rights groups.Duterte's incendiary rhetoric and tough-talking anti-crime message have brought widespread popularity and a perception that he's a bringer of change.

Others hear echoes of the nation's authoritarian past and say they'll be watching him carefully.