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How is highway tunnel constructed above 3,000 meters in China
31 Jan 2024
Trapped Indian workers freed after 17 days
29 Nov 2023
100 million tonne oilfield commences operations in China
19 Jul 2023
One Thai student dead, 5 injured after fire extinguisher implodes during drill
23 Jun 2023
Malaysia stands by its claim on oil and gas in its waters, but open to talks with China, says Anwar
3 Apr 2023
Over 700 personnel take part in emergency drill at klia2
22 Sep 2022
Vietnam News | Safety first
21 Aug 2022
Biden 'concerned' by China's drills around Taiwan
9 Aug 2022
Uncertainty lingers as China drills in Taiwan scheduled to end
8 Aug 2022
'We will not allow them to isolate Taiwan,' says Pelosi
5 Aug 2022
China begins major Taiwan military drills after Pelosi visit
4 Aug 2022
We will 'strengthen' our defence further: Taiwan
4 Aug 2022
ECRL's tunnel boring machines a step up from 'drill and blast' methods, says Dr Wee
23 Jun 2022
Hong Kong police officers perform PLA-style foot drills
23 Jun 2022
Chinese fighter jet crashes during training drill, killing one resident
9 Jun 2022
Biden vows to deter North Korea but offer COVID-19 aid
22 May 2022
Sky tram rescue drill held in China's famed scenic area
10 Apr 2022
Russia says some troops pulled back from Ukraine border
15 Feb 2022
Desert rescue drill held in Ningxia, China
20 Oct 2021
Indonesia authorities say found missing submarine, all 53 crew confirmed dead
25 Apr 2021
Drilling of undersea subway tunnel completes in China's Dalian
17 Jan 2021
China's first Yellow River tunnel 
1 Nov 2020
Work out your frustrations with StarFit
20 May 2020
Fake news: Viral stampede video in Johor was a fire drill
10 Apr 2020
Pasir Gudang holds emergency drill to avoid another 'Sungai Kim-Kim' incident
17 Dec 2019
Chemical leak drill at Penang bridge
8 Nov 2019
Police ready to safeguard Tanjung Piai by-election
23 Oct 2019
Jane Fonda arrested at US Capitol climate change protest
12 Oct 2019
Spanish rescuers find body of toddler trapped in well
26 Jan 2019
Trump blames China for stalled North Korea talks
30 Aug 2018
Vietnamese gang that drills safes charged for burglary at Kedah supermarket
26 Aug 2018
Vietnamese gang that drills into and robs safe boxes busted by Kedah police
3 Jul 2018
UPDATE: Police still trying to crack Najib’s safe
17 May 2018
Gas leak makes it risky to search for missing crewman in Miri ship fire
18 Apr 2018
Penang police all set for elections
4 Mar 2018
16,000 police personnel to be deployed in Selangor during GE14
4 Mar 2018
Ahmad Zahid: Leave for all police personnel frozen
2 Mar 2018
Ready for all eventualities
2 Feb 2018
Police evacuate “Prime Minister” during post-election drill
15 Dec 2017
Cops conduct live drills ahead of polls
14 Dec 2017
US to stage drill with three carriers as Trump visits Asia
7 Nov 2017
The Caribbean, southern U.S. brace for Hurricane Irma
6 Sep 2017
Cops pump up for SEA Games
10 Jul 2017
The Philippines and India hold joint maritime drills
12 Jan 2017