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Theft and vandalism blamed for poor Internet connectivity in rural areas
3 Aug 2020
Focus on optimising 3G and 4G, 5G will still be implemented, says minister
21 Jul 2020
Covid-19 screening: Socso coverage for foreign workers who contribute to organisation
5 May 2020
China expert to Malaysia: Step up Covid-19 testing with PCR method
2 May 2020
Anwar dismisses rumours of him meeting Agong
20 Nov 2019
FWD Takaful injects RM5mil, sponsors para athletes
14 Nov 2019
NFCP will be funded by telcos, MCMC hopes state govts will ease regulatory measures
5 Sep 2019
Reporter attacked while on-air by suspected triad gangsters in Hong Kong
22 Jul 2019
China enters 5G era
20 May 2019
Ministry looking into incentives for teachers who furthered education
16 May 2019
Gobind: No restrictions placed on RTM
21 Feb 2019
Cancer patients should be covered for cosmetic surgery
14 Feb 2019
Gobind Singh: Press freedom? Go and talk to S'wak CM
28 Nov 2018
S’pore minister rebuts States Times Review article implicating its leaders in 1MDB scandal
11 Nov 2018
Foreign workers to get Socso coverage
25 Oct 2018
National Day through the ages: Look how far we've come
30 Aug 2018
Elderly Italian husband killed and burned up in love triangle
1 Feb 2018
Media receive flak over high-profile murder case reports
12 Jun 2017