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FGV to sell Indonesian asset worth RM1bil
29 May 2019
EXCLUSIVE: US envoy says 1MDB monies will be returned to Malaysia quickly
25 May 2019
Japan on rewind
19 May 2019
Anwar: It’s public interest to know ‘dedak cartel’ issue in PAS
15 May 2019
AG: RM236.5mil returned so far to Malaysia in 1MDB recovery
7 May 2019
Zakir Naik charged in absentia in India with money laundering
3 May 2019
More govt assets could be sold to manage national debt, says Dr M
4 Apr 2019
Genting buys Equanimity for US$126mil
3 Apr 2019
Guan Eng: Selling Malaysia assets was BN's decision
26 Mar 2019
Commotion in Parliament after Mujahid says BN govt ‘buat tahi’ with Tabung Haji
26 Mar 2019
Najib: Bad idea for PH govt to sell its asset in HK
25 Mar 2019
Najib brushes off Pakatan MPs during debate in Parliament
18 Mar 2019
Khazanah to improve its operating cost efficiency
5 Mar 2019
Guan Eng: Japanese investors shunned Malaysia because of 1MDB scandal
19 Feb 2019
SPAN to be an independent regulatory body
19 Jan 2019
Mujahid: Tabung Haji depositors need not return 'hibah'
8 Jan 2019
SPV under MoF to take over RM19.9bil underperforming assets from Tabung Haji
11 Dec 2018
Ex-Tabung Haji chairman accuses Mujahid of misleading public
11 Dec 2018
Malaysia-Singapore maritime dispute escalates
9 Dec 2018
Hisham has yet to visit but in communication with China
15 Nov 2018
Hisham asks if Defence Ministry able to buy assets with reduced budget
15 Nov 2018
Najib criticises Budget 2019: What's new?
2 Nov 2018
MACC urges all MPs to declare their assets, plans to make asset declaration an obligation
1 Nov 2018
Maybank:The launch of MAMG Asia Rising Stars fund
18 Oct 2018
Govt needs other sources of funds to pay debt, says Tun Mahathir
9 Oct 2018
EC chairman on Anwar's eligibility, police report and use of govt assets
9 Oct 2018
Umno doesn't have billions of ringgit of assets
30 Sep 2018
LGE: 1MDB monetised assets to be consolidated before being moved to relevant accounts
25 Sep 2018
Felda to reduce borrowings
20 Sep 2018
Zahid slams 'dirty-minded individuals' over RM230mil in assets allegations
7 Aug 2018
Defence Ministry prepared to deploy assets to quake-hit Lombok
30 Jul 2018
Tun M’s birthday wish for media to help govt overcome “rasuah”
10 Jul 2018
Lim: I would believe Zeti over Najib
3 Jul 2018
US to return seized 1MDB assets soonest possible, says Guan Eng
12 Jun 2018
US to return seized 1MDB assets soonest possible, says Guan Eng
12 Jun 2018
PNB: Priorities in 2018
29 Mar 2018
PM: Unsuitable govt assets can be monetised for other projects
16 Mar 2018
Reduction of Penang debt due to water deal with federal govt, says Gerakan 
14 Mar 2018
Indonesia to hand over luxury yacht to U.S. amid 1MDB probe
8 Mar 2018
"The Wolf of Wall Street" producer to pay US$60mil to U.S. in lawsuit settlement
7 Mar 2018
Madonna heads Forbes list of Five Wealthiest Female Musicians
3 Mar 2018
30 GE14 Opposition candidates sign Invoke pledge to declare assets
20 Nov 2017
Hishammuddin: Military assets being upgraded
19 Nov 2017
Tun M open to declaring assets if he contests in GE14
15 Nov 2017
Najib: Providing aid to Penang transcends politics
5 Nov 2017
Enjoying music the "old school" way
19 Sep 2017
PM declares arts and culture as new asset to the country
6 Sep 2017
Scammed by `cheating'' car dealer
18 Aug 2017
UMW hopes to crystallise demerger of UMW-OG
25 May 2017
Pizza Hut M'sia to enhance assets
14 Feb 2017
Malaysian corporate earnings to be modest in 2017
30 Nov 2016
Volatility to continue in Asian markets short-term
30 Nov 2016
Asset quality issues impact CIMB's commercial banking
29 Aug 2016
US$2.5 trillion losses from corrosion
16 Aug 2016
Berjaya Assets & Foshan agency ink deal
13 Jul 2016
AirAsia Bhd still looking to monetise assets
31 May 2016
Sime Darby: Buyer for Aussie assets identified
25 May 2016
No assets for IGB REIT for now
24 May 2016
FGV's priority on plantation sector
16 May 2016
EPF open to more infrastructure asset acquisitions
10 May 2016
KWAP: We are stuck in the domestic market
4 May 2016
EPF: We continue to invest heavily in Malaysian market
3 May 2016
Major Sona shareholders choose yield over assets
26 Apr 2016
MISC on the lookout for distressed assets
19 Apr 2016
Sime Darby gearing ratio to drop 0.54 times by end financial year
24 Feb 2016