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Govt permits filming activities after Hari Raya
20 May 2020
Covid-19: WHO warns lack of medical supplies
4 Mar 2020
Budget 2020: All PLUS highway toll charges lowered 18%
11 Oct 2019
Govt approves RM73mil to install CCTVs in all police lockups
20 Sep 2019
Govt approves RM2 mil allocation for Pangkor's tax-free study
22 Jul 2019
Dewan Rakyat passes bill to increase 13 Sabah state seats
17 Jul 2019
Election Commission approves of Govt's move to lower voting age
16 Jul 2019
FT Minister: Cabinet approves Taman Tugu to be gazetted
8 May 2019
Cabinet approves feasibility study on Carey Island development
29 Aug 2018
Najib supporters protest arrest, Riza Aziz leaves MACC
4 Jul 2018
Cabinet approves negotiation with Ocean Infinity, says Transport Minister
5 Jan 2018
Govt approves construction of 10 new Chinese primary schools
26 Oct 2017
Najib disapproves of Muslim-only laundrettes
21 Oct 2017
Thai government approves new high-speed rail link between Bangkok and Nakhon Ratchasima
13 Jul 2017