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Police arrest man after kidnap attempt
22 Jul 2019
Families of abducted activists want perpetrators to be brought to book
3 Apr 2019
Suhakam: Pastor Koh, Amri Che Mat abducted by Special Branch
3 Apr 2019
There was no directive from me, says Zahid on Pastor Koh and Amri’s disappearance
3 Apr 2019
Sabah child hostage: Suspect shot dead, girl rescued
13 Jan 2019
Wife of missing pastor makes plea to Pakatan Harapan government
27 Aug 2018
Wife of missing activist Amri Che Mat claims police officer told her SB did it
30 May 2018
Pastor Koh's family still praying for a miracle
12 Feb 2018
Police confirm video of woman's abduction at Kampung Jawa
8 Dec 2017
Panel visits site of Pastor Koh's abduction
3 Nov 2017
Free after five years: U.S.-Canadian family rescued in Pakistan
13 Oct 2017
Kidnapped teen rescued
20 Sep 2017
'I feared for my life', says abducted British model
8 Aug 2017