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Gunmen kill Mexican mayor after first woman elected president
7 Jun 2024
AI in Malaysia needs to apply 'turath islam', says Anwar
1 Jun 2024
India's Delhi hits all-time high of 52.9 Celsius in Mungeshpur
30 May 2024
Fire at entertainment venue kills at least 24 people in western India
26 May 2024
Papagomo's representation to drop sedition charge dismissed, Trial on July 11
23 May 2024
Street Grub | Young vendor offers new way to enjoy croissants for breakfast
22 May 2024
Russia's Putin sworn in as president for fifth term
7 May 2024
Australian police shoot dead 16-year-old after knife attack in Perth
5 May 2024
PM to discuss situation in Iran with Foreign Ministry
19 Apr 2024
Papagomo submits representation to drop sedition charge
18 Apr 2024
‘Rust' armourer sentenced to 18 months in prison
16 Apr 2024
Australian police say Assyrian church stabbing was terrorist attack
16 Apr 2024
Japanese authorities inspect second Kobayashi Pharma factory after deaths
31 Mar 2024
North Korea releases footage of Kim overseeing 'super-large' rocket launcher drills
19 Mar 2024
Anwar: I view Hamas through the eyes of freedom, not the lens of a coloniser
18 Mar 2024
Residents evacuated on boats in flooded north-western Bolivia
28 Feb 2024
Chinese dragon in their eyes: archaeologists and animation artist
18 Feb 2024
China doing great in advancing human rights in Xinjiang: Tanzanian woman
28 Jan 2024
A big dinner, says Antonsen about how he will celebrate Malaysia Open win
14 Jan 2024
Blogger Papagomo claims trial to uttering seditious remarks against govt
8 Jan 2024
Rare Western Han Dynasty tomb found in southwest China
12 Dec 2023
Visitors from the Middle East, China and India to get 30 days visa-free travel from Dec 1
26 Nov 2023
PM criticises 'biadap' PAS ulama chief for claiming govt following Israeli narrative
7 Nov 2023
Nepal quake kills 137 people, reduces village to rubble
4 Nov 2023
Colleagues bid farewell to two journalists killed in Israel-Palestine conflict
10 Oct 2023
Residents mourn as Pakistan blast death toll rises
1 Oct 2023
North Korea's Kim tours Russian fighter jet plant
15 Sep 2023
Change in Army leadership from Sept 6
5 Sep 2023
S. Korea to evacuate thousands of scouts ahead of expected typhoon, all Malaysians at campsite safe
7 Aug 2023
Suicide bomb at political rally in Pakistan kills more than 40
31 Jul 2023
Firefighters still battling wildfires in coastal Syria
30 Jul 2023
At least four killed at Moscow mall after hot water pipe bursts
23 Jul 2023
Most urgent task is to supply Ukraine with enough weapons, says NATO chief
12 Jul 2023
History, stability lure tourists back to Iraq
12 Jul 2023
Vietnam News | Picking Plum in Mộc Châu
11 Jul 2023
India bus fire kills at least 25, injures eight
1 Jul 2023
Deadly road accident kills at least 48 killed in western Kenya
1 Jul 2023
Restaurant explosion kills 31 in northwest China
22 Jun 2023
Militants kill 37, abduct six others in attack on Ugandan school
18 Jun 2023
Opposition MP unperturbed by Malaysia's second-worst ranking for transgender rights protection
13 Jun 2023
Baldwin attorneys say charges in 'Rust' shooting dropped
21 Apr 2023
Japan PM Kishida evacuated unhurt after explosion at speech - media
15 Apr 2023
Western justice ministers, prosecutors meet to drum up support for Putin warrant
20 Mar 2023
China's leader Xi Jinping begins official visit in Moscow
20 Mar 2023
Two children suspected of killing 12-year-old girl in Germany
15 Mar 2023
Teen dies in 'unusual' river shark attack in Perth
5 Feb 2023
Over two dozen deaths in New York's 'epic' blizzard
27 Dec 2022
Convicted killer Charles Sobhraj freed from Nepal prison 
23 Dec 2022
Woman killed after tree falls on house in Papar
22 Dec 2022
Protesters demand resignations after India bridge collapse
1 Nov 2022
More than 80 killed in India as bridge collapses
31 Oct 2022
Rishi Sunak’s relatives in India celebrate his rise to UK's top job
27 Oct 2022
Bangladesh farmers revive 'floating farms'
20 Oct 2022
Major quake strikes Mexico on 'cursed' anniversary
20 Sep 2022
Rescue and evacuation efforts underway after China earthquake
6 Sep 2022
When Chinese martial arts, Western contemporary dance converge
26 Aug 2022
India celebrates the birth of Hindu god Krishna
20 Aug 2022
Lang Lang: Music makes everyone understand each other better
15 Aug 2022
Rushdie attack suspect charged with attempted murder
14 Aug 2022
No trace of missing toddler as search enters sixth day in Beaufort
14 Jul 2022
Nara residents leave tributes at scene of shooting
9 Jul 2022
MOMENT: Former Japanese PM Shinzo Abe shot at election rally
8 Jul 2022
Japan ex-prime minister Abe taken to hospital after apparent shooting - NHK
8 Jul 2022
India's first sologamist marries herself
10 Jun 2022
Police find explosives after Nigeria church attack
8 Jun 2022
Sprinklers and scarves help Indians seeking relief from heatwave
16 May 2022
Buffalo grapples with aftermath of mass shooting
16 May 2022
Blasts hit Kabul high school, killing at least 6
19 Apr 2022
Intel becomes latest Western tech firm to suspend business in Russia
6 Apr 2022
Putin being misled by 'scared' advisers, says White House
31 Mar 2022
On invasion milestone, Ukraine urges solidarity as Western leaders gather
24 Mar 2022
Putin likens sanctions to war, assault traps civilians
6 Mar 2022
Lviv brewery makes Molotov cocktails instead
28 Feb 2022
Putin puts nuclear forces on high alert
28 Feb 2022
U.S., allies cut some Russian banks off from SWIFT
27 Feb 2022
'You cannot veto our voices': U.S. envoy on Russia's U.N. veto
26 Feb 2022
Quake rattles Indonesia's Sumatra killing at least 2 people, tremours felt in Malaysia and Singapore
25 Feb 2022
Several highrises in Klang Valley evacuated following Friday morning tremors
25 Feb 2022
Two stricken French paragliders rescued from Mount Kinabalu
14 Feb 2022
France's Macron to meet Putin in Moscow over Ukraine
7 Feb 2022
Carrefour China launches "Xinjiang fine goods festival" to promote Xinjiang products
2 Jan 2022
Brace for Monsoon rains to Sabah and Sarawak come Monday, warns Nadma DG
23 Dec 2021
Flaming bus crash in Bulgaria kills 45 North Macedonian tourists
23 Nov 2021
Locals celebrate news that little Cleo was found
3 Nov 2021
Missing Australian child found alive after two weeks
3 Nov 2021
China welcomes Huawei executive home
26 Sep 2021
Powerful quake shakes southwest Mexico
9 Sep 2021
Parts of west coast Sabah hit by floods, 65 villages inundated
3 Sep 2021
Buskers in Shanghai attract young generation to join in
28 Aug 2021
Anti-Taliban protests in Jalalabad turn deadly
19 Aug 2021
UN has secured assurances from the Taliban, says envoy
17 Aug 2021
Taliban declares 'war is over', chaos engulfs airport
16 Aug 2021
Quake kills hundreds in Haiti, worsening Caribbean nation's plight
15 Aug 2021
Heavy rain triggers floods, landslides in Japan; one dead, two missing
14 Aug 2021
Deadly floods hit western Europe
16 Jul 2021
Why Xinjiang cotton even more popular in global market
9 Jul 2021
Astronaut trio looking forward to tomorrow’s China spaceship launch
16 Jun 2021
Drone captures images of sunken cargo ship off Sri Lanka coast
4 Jun 2021
The Straits Times | Reducing flood risks
21 Apr 2021