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Jane Fonda arrested at US Capitol climate change protest
12 Oct 2019
House condemns Trump over 'racist comments'
17 Jul 2019
Trump launches 2020 reelection campaign with rally in Orlando
19 Jun 2019
Trump: China's economy is not great, US economy has been fantastic
20 May 2019
'Remarkable' first image of black hole unveiled
11 Apr 2019
Trump touts progress in China trade talks
1 Feb 2019
White House revokes CNN correspondent's credentials
8 Nov 2018
Key moments from the emotionally charged Ford/Kavanaugh hearings
28 Sep 2018
‘Kim Jong Un’: Trump, I’m here in Singapore!
28 May 2018
Trump on Tillerson: We're not thinking the same
14 Mar 2018
Trump fires Tillerson after clashes
14 Mar 2018
North Korea open to talks with US and halting nuclear pursuit, says South
6 Mar 2018
Man dead after shooting himself near White House
4 Mar 2018
Protests against gun violence in US schools
20 Feb 2018
Trump on presidential race: I'll beat Oprah
10 Jan 2018
Trump defends mental state, says book 'work of fiction'
7 Jan 2018
Trump says Flynn's actions during presidential transition were 'lawful'
3 Dec 2017
US National Christmas Tree officially lit up
1 Dec 2017
Najib, Trump to discuss bilateral issues at Oval Office
10 Sep 2017