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Trump touts progress in China trade talks
1 Feb 2019
White House revokes CNN correspondent's credentials
8 Nov 2018
Key moments from the emotionally charged Ford/Kavanaugh hearings
28 Sep 2018
‘Kim Jong Un’: Trump, I’m here in Singapore!
28 May 2018
Trump on Tillerson: We're not thinking the same
14 Mar 2018
Trump fires Tillerson after clashes
14 Mar 2018
North Korea open to talks with US and halting nuclear pursuit, says South
6 Mar 2018
Man dead after shooting himself near White House
4 Mar 2018
Protests against gun violence in US schools
20 Feb 2018
Trump on presidential race: I'll beat Oprah
10 Jan 2018
Trump defends mental state, says book 'work of fiction'
7 Jan 2018
Trump says Flynn's actions during presidential transition were 'lawful'
3 Dec 2017
US National Christmas Tree officially lit up
1 Dec 2017
Najib, Trump to discuss bilateral issues at Oval Office
10 Sep 2017