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MRT lift assailant gets 18 years in prison, five strokes
21 Jun 2019
A father’s day tale: His love and sacrifice for granddaughter and wife
14 Jun 2019
Protests force Algeria leader from re-election bid
12 Mar 2019
Labuan Health Dept: Student’s death not due to heatstroke
5 Mar 2019
90's teen heartthrob Luke Perry dead at 52
5 Mar 2019
No regrets for Nor Azmi
8 Jan 2019
Two men sentenced to jail, caning for raping daughters
27 Dec 2018
DPM: No place for fake news, messages that stroke religious hatred in New Malaysia
25 Dec 2018
Perak life, buildings and nature come to life in painters’ scroll
17 Dec 2018
Another woman in Terengganu sentenced to caning on prostitution charge
10 Oct 2018
Syariah court sentences single mother to 6 months and 6 strokes for prostitution
27 Sep 2018
Lorry driver sentenced to 81 years in jail for raping daughter
24 Oct 2017
Police rescue partially paralysed senior citizen locked up by children
5 Oct 2017
"Monster dad” to spend 48 years in jail
8 Sep 2017
Stroke patient to receive artificial skull
1 Sep 2017