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PM: Malaysians have the responsibility to uphold unity
16 Sep 2019
Have a clear transition plan for Anwar to take over as PM, NGOs urge Dr M
7 Aug 2019
PM: Appreciate hard work of foreigners and other citizens
4 Jun 2019
‘Shared prosperity’ economic model will lead to unified nation, says Dr M
9 May 2019
Dr M reminds Malaysians to protect stability, peace and harmony in CNY message
4 Feb 2019
Muslim group warns ICERD will lead to political, economic instability
21 Nov 2018
BNM: 1MDB investigation by task force
17 Aug 2018
Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un meet for first time
12 Jun 2018
PM: Moderation only works if it is truly practised
17 Nov 2017
Najib: Without peace and stability, business is doomed
5 Nov 2017
Aeon to stabilise e-commerce business
19 May 2016