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Women take to the streets for gender equality, better wages
9 Mar 2019
PAS Youth holds rally to protest high cost of living
1 Jan 2019
Cops: Six roads around Dataran Merdeka to be closed on Saturday
6 Dec 2018
Umno and PAS stage protest against ICERD
4 Nov 2018
Bangladeshi worker rescued by public and firefighters
13 Oct 2018
Protest over Guan Eng’s acquittal
8 Sep 2018
Najib’s supporters say Nik Faisal should be the one charged
7 Jul 2018
Najib's supporters call for fresh elections
7 Jul 2018
'Nab A Thief' rally at Sogo, KL, disperses peacefully
14 Apr 2018
India's favourite dessert has its origins confirmed
16 Nov 2017