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PAS MP calls for stern action against pro-LGBT elements at Women's March
13 Mar 2023
LCS protest: Crowd brave wet weather as cops keep watchful eye
14 Aug 2022
Protesters disperse after a one-hour rally over price hikes in KL
23 Jul 2022
Cops divert traffic in KL ahead of Azam Baki demonstration
22 Jan 2022
Cops get court order prohibiting demos in KL on Saturday
21 Jan 2022
Situation in Kuala Lumpur calm, no protestors seen gathering, roads now reopened
21 Aug 2021
Car plunges into river near Sogo
12 Jul 2020
Marina: Malaysians, make your voices heard
1 Mar 2020
Gamis wants Government to ban Dong Zong
1 Jan 2020
Malaysia: Stop the haze!
21 Sep 2019
Women take to the streets for gender equality, better wages
9 Mar 2019
PAS Youth holds rally to protest high cost of living
1 Jan 2019
Cops: Six roads around Dataran Merdeka to be closed on Saturday
6 Dec 2018
Umno and PAS stage protest against ICERD
4 Nov 2018
Bangladeshi worker rescued by public and firefighters
13 Oct 2018
Protest over Guan Eng’s acquittal
8 Sep 2018
Najib’s supporters say Nik Faisal should be the one charged
7 Jul 2018
Najib's supporters call for fresh elections
7 Jul 2018
'Nab A Thief' rally at Sogo, KL, disperses peacefully
14 Apr 2018
India's favourite dessert has its origins confirmed
16 Nov 2017